Plane SUGGESTION: Ignisp

Hello, and welcome to a brief planning of Tommia's future. Normally, I'd make whatever set would fall next in Tommian lore. However, once I finish my current set (and the one following it) I planned on deviating from my norm, and making an actual set akin to what you'd normally see from WotC R&D, just with my classic "don't just think outside the box; rip the box to shreds" mentality. This set would take place on a new plane known as Ignisp.

Ignisp is a highly coveted yet mysterious plane. No normal planeswalker can travel to it. Only those born there, and those few chosen, may ever walk upon its soil. It is said that it is where the gods of gods dwell. It is said to be the true center of the multiverse.

On Ignisp, everyone is a planeswalker. A magic boon on the plane means that everyone born there is born with a planeswalker spark. However, this spark is unlike the one found in an ordinary planeswalker. The spark is weaker than an ordinary spark, but it is ignited from the moment the planeswalker is born. However, there is a chance that this spark may not be ignited at birth, or worse, may lie dormant, unable to be ignited.

While everyone born on Ignisp may be a planeswalker, Planeswalkers born with natural sparks are still born on occasion; in fact, the chance of a natural planeswalker being born here is 1 in 1,000 instead of 1 in a million. Natural planeswalkers are born with a more powerful spark, but this spark must be ignited like any other standard planeswalker spark. This means that most natural walkers are assumed to have a dormant Ignispian spark, and therefore end up leading ordinary lives, never able to ignite their spark. However, some lucky few end up igniting their spark, and end up becoming some of the most powerful planeswalkers in the multiverse.

Being a planeswalker at birth might seem great when those from other planes could only dream of such luxuries. However, those from Ignisp are bound by a sacred curse, one which cannot be lifted; those who see Ignisp cannot speak or write of it's true form, or talk about their magic spark. Any attempt to do so will result in immediate exile from the tangible world. This is why so many rumors have spread about it; those outside only know it truly by name. The name Ignisp falls from the lips of a brave few, and the rest dies with them...

Ignisp is a plane fought for by four rival factions, led by four almighty planeswalkers. It is a grand place where the greatest of powers lay. It is like paradise, for those who visit, but to those born there, it is like hell. Having great power is useless when everyone else has the same power, and it has led many to leave the plane in hopes of a new life. However, this has instead caused some the fighting to boil over to other planes at times.


{g}{u}{c}: Truriol: The Truriol are a Ignisp loving group of fighters who worship the planeswalker Patruna. They focus on mana ramp, evasion, and creating a large force without the enemy knowing. (Morph, Megamorph, Cabal [New ability, involves pumping up creatures in secret], Manifest, Landfall)

{b}{w}{c}: Devigo: The Devigo are a heretic sect that worship the planeswalker Atgotachi. They focus on the forbidden arts, meaning lots of extra costs, graveyard use, and cheap tricks. (Exploit, Morbid, Consecrate [from Ephemera, allows you to exile cards to play a bigger card], Delve, Bloodrite [You can help cast this spell. Each three life you pay while casting this spell pays for {2} or one mana of any color.], Pitfall [From Tommia, landfall for cards entering graveyards)

{r}{w}{u}: Yuratee: The Yuratee are a secretive group who strike fast and hard, and worship the planeswalker Zetpae. They focus on striking with a lot of small, evasive creatures before the opponent can act. (Rally, Prowess, Bolster, Great Guard [block creatures as if they didn't have intimidate, fear, menace, or trample], ???)

{r}{b}{g}: Czetul: The Czetul are an iron fist group of fighters who beg for mercy at the feet of Xizi, who they worship. They focus on amassing a powerful army of large creatures to crush their foes! (Bloodthirst, Rampage, Raid, Monstrous, Overkill [something to do with combat or combat damage])


  • This plane seems like a big target for a Bolas Scheme. I can't wait to see what you do with it!
  • This looks fascinating. I will say though, that if the non-planeswalker segment of Ignispian society is so small, would there be fewer humanoid creatures cards? Would there be more animal cards to take up the slack, or would it be a set like an old one with more powerful spells? Also, would planeswalkers end up at common?
  • "Lucky few ignite their spark"
    Based on the requirements and the danger of the job description, I'm not sure why anyone would WANT to be a walker.

    The set sounds awesome, and like a set I'd totally play.
  • @IanLowenthal I have not exactly planned things out, but Ignisp has great biodiversity, from Minotaurs and Phoenixes to Foxes and Cat People. As for rarity, Planeswalkers would still be Mythic, but less scarce. However, there will be interesting things, such as creatures using loyalty counters and the ability Planeswalk (Creatures with Planeswalk can only be blocked by other creatures with Planeswalk.)
  • So planeswalk is just renamed horsemanship then :P

    And since planeswalker spark igniting means planeswalking to a different plane, do Ignispian people just planeswalk as babies to different planes since the spark is ignited on birth?

    And also, Devigo has 6 mechanics, that is more than a set printed by a wotc has...
  • @Glasseschan WotC has rehashed mechanics under new names before. Also, the whole spark thing just means they have it.

    As for mechanics, let's just leave it at the fact that MTGC is WotC R&D's worst nightmare.
  • Planeswalker sparks at birth? I can only imagine the number of times a baby has accidentally transported itself to somewhere like Grixis because it had a tantrum.
  • @Platypusburger
    That's the reason the spell, "Calcium Splinters" came about.
  • Yeah the problem just is that more limited flying really isn't that interesting, especially when combined to what is do-able when talking about evasion. Menace, skulk, fear etc. I really don't mean this as harsh as this sounds, but maybe some mechanic that just isnt renamed limited flying is better fit to be called planeswalk, since planeswalking is pretry epic act, and something that should be represented as an epic act.
  • I personally don't like the idea of a set revolving mechanically around planeswalkers. I am in the camp that is ok with planeswalkers but doesn't like using them myself. If I wanted to play planeswalker matters, I could just play standard. Imagine how expensive the already expensive planeswalkers would be if you literally had to have them to make your deck function at all. I would recommend making it possible to play antimeta and would also recommend taking the oppurtunity to design muh needed planeswalker hate. Design as you wish and you can ignore this if you want, but I felt like tossing it out there
  • @brcien Planeswalker cards certainly won't matter. Things are still up in the air, but all this planeswalker thing means is a slightly higher Planeswalker card count and creatures using loyalty counters for their own means.

    As for everyone else, new mechanics and concepts are not final. Planeswalk probably will mean something else by time it is actually implemented.
  • Here's a preview card for the set. Colorless mana will be present in the set, but not as it was in Zendikar.
  • Was about to make the 4 tribal planeswalker cards when I realized that two won't be possible because of colorless symbols, and all of them won't be possible because I need italics. WHOOPS!
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    I just came up with the new version of the "Planeswalk" mechanic in this set. Tell me if you think it would work for a "different" kind of set.

    If a creature or planeswalker were to planeswalk, it is put onto a separate battlefield from other creatures, called the "outer world". The outer world is unaffected by everything that goes on in the normal battlefield, called the "inner world", and vise versa. You may not play permanents into the outer world, but you may choose whether an instant or sorcery is cast towards the "inner world" or "outer world". Also note that noncreature permanents do monitor both the inner world and outer world.

    Ex: Let's say I cast "Wrath of God". An opponent has a 2/2 creature in the inner world and a 4/4 creature in the outer world. I may choose to cast it towards the inner world (which means it kills the 2/2) or the outer world (which means it kills the 4/4)

    Ex 2: Let's say I cast Shock instead. If I cast it towards the inner world, I could target the 2/2, but not the 4/4. If I cast it towards the outer world, I could target the 4/4, but not the 2/2.

    Ex 3: I have a 1/1 in the inner world and a 4/4 in the outer world My opponent has a 2/2 in the inner world and a 3/3 in the outer world. If I were to attack with all creatures, the 2/2 could block my 1/1 and the 3/3 could block my 4/4. However, the 2/2 could not block my 4/4, and the 3/3 could not block my 1/1.

    Ex 4: I have an enchantment that allows me to gain one life whenever a creature dies. A creature dies in the outer world. I still gain one life.
  • In other words, you take shadow to its most extreme in terms of flavor?
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    I wanted to make it seem epic... this is what I was able to bring to the table. Sorry if it's a bit... eh... complicated, but at least it will fit well in the set, especially with a card like this...

  • Character Introduction: Eglorio Shafier

    Home Plane: Matoria

    Colors: Blue, Colorless

    Eglorio is an outsider who seeks to find out the truth of Ignisp. No mere planeswalker can travel to Ignisp, no matter how powerful they were; they must have been born in Ignisp, or be led there by a supreme planeswalker (natural planeswalker born in Ignisp). However, Eglorio is different. Somehow, he has managed to rise to higher power and pierce the veil that protects Ignisp from outsiders like him. Normally, outsiders never appear in Ignisp, and this has caused some stir to occur in a plane already shaken by cultural divide and a fight for control.
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    In recent Ignisp news; there is a challenge going on! Find your allies and go into battle by entering Ignispian challenge 1!

    In other news, on my previously unused Tommia Set YouTube channel, I am going to start doing videos on Ignispian lore and mechanics. I expect to start making videos on that channel soon!
  • @Tommia

    Though I only found this after joining the contest... I did enter with my own planeswalker, so eh... put him in the set as the 'other' outsider planeswalker?

    He IS after all kind of unique, for more info pm me
  • My planeswalker Gala was born in Ignisp- *turns to dust*
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