Artist Challenge (Prototype)

This is a prototype challenge that may become a continuous challenge.

The idea is to spread knowledge about different artists among the community and of course to make it a contest.
For each instance of this challenge i will give you one or multiple artists whos artwork you are supposed to create cards with.

The first artist is Alex Negrea:

Example artwork from Alex Negrea:
image image

- Create a card with the artwork of Alex Negrea.
- No old cards.
- You may submit as many entries as you like.
- General rules that is used by the forum and cardsmith (Keep it child-friendly.)
- Credit the artist (this should be very easy).

First place: 5 Favorites of your choice
Second place: 3 favorites of your choice
Third place: 2 favorites of your choice

Honorable mentions: 1 favorite

This contest ends 15th of December

Further plans for this contest will be decided as the contest goes on.

Good luck and have fun!


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    If you know any good artists then please tell us about him or her so that we can spread our artwork source network.
    Here i will post the artists that have been submitted and recommended.
    These are only inspirational artists.
    Those that are chosen for the contest are given in the instructions.

    Alex Negrea
    Stu Harrington
    Wang Ling
  • So we can use any art or artist mentioned in this chat? Because I dont know any artists like that good personally
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    I will change the instructions a little to make it more clear.
    The artist or artists that is given in the challenge instructions are those who are will be used for the challenge, in this case only Alex Negrea.
    My first comment will only be a summary of all artists that has been commented about or recommended. they are only there for inspiration in general, not in particular for this contest.
    I hope this makes it more clear :)
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  • I saw this art and was so excited but it took forever on the art and placement of the art on the card.
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    Ugh, I messed up the on second from the bottom. It's supposed to be a 2/3. Sorry
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    @jabrewer79 sorry for the confusing start.
    I will most likely use Wang Ling as the next artist so you could just hold on to your card and submit it if and when the next challenge begins :)
  • It is enchant equipment
  • @jonteman93 No worries. I'll withdraw it so as not to confuse others.
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    I noticed I had saved a couple from this artist prior to when I looked through his page.

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    Here's another entry..

  • I will start judging this contest in approx 14 hours so if you want to make new entries, you'll have time until then
    I will continue this contest series at least for a second round which will be posted when this one is closed.
  • We shall see if I do I am feeling pretty lazy today
  • Here are the results from the conclusion.
    I'm still rather tired after the last week so skipped the feedback to each card for this contest. If you would want to know what i thought about your card(s) just give a comment.
    However first i have two honorable mentions.

    @Teacup - Fluffy Mutation

    @East2West - Blind Executioner

    And the winners are.
    3rd place
    @ Lastjustice - Moonsilver Huntress

    2nd place
    @ jabrewer79 - Dragovale Specialist

    1st place
    @ zizick123 - Local Hero

    Place 1-3 please send me the cards you want me to favorite.
    I will post the next contest in this series a little later today/tonight when i had got some rest.
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    That's a very overpowered second place card. XD
  • @modnation675 yeah it is clearly powerful. I was including that it needs to block for its abilty to be of use and i compared it to Kalonian Tusker.
    I was not thinking too much about limited balancing but more how the card is designed out of its art & the gut feelings.
    I put too little time into card evaluation this time but i did not want this contest to stand unconcluded for too long and i stand by my choice.
  • Fair enough. Just make sure to never make a 2 CMC 2/3 with first strike.
  • I'm just gonna go ahead and say Thanks! @Jonteman93 and oops!! This card is def bad. It will be fixed!!
  • Thanks Jonte for choosing one of mine. Well go ahead and favorite the card for the contest and any other one you actually among mine.
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