Old Vehicles - New Mechanics! (Contest)



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  • I'm not very good at posting images.
  • @yousmelllikeapumpkin - Stick with it! You're getting the hang of it! The image part is the hardest part!
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    I favourited @Everyone 's cards, all of the ones that have been entered and then put them all in this set:


    You still have 10 more days to go to enter people! If no-one else in entering in the next 5 days however I think I'll call it short and start judging.
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    This might be a little too much value on such a cheap creature, but the stats are not great for a vehicle so I think that balances it out.

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    While it doesn't use any Amonkhet block mechanics, it does make a reference to one of the most iconic Amonkhet cards, both in mechanics and in wordplay. Hope it counts. Fixed an earlier issue where you just win on the spot.
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    @KalamMekhar Serene Drifter doesn't exactly follow the mechanics after the Kaladesh block, but it has great artwork, flavour and balancing. Secret Submersible is again balanced and well-designed but unfortunately people aren't gonna jump for a 1/1 artifact creature, no matter how vital it would be in a lot of people's decks (I can certainly say I'd use it). SS Approach looks good too, and I'll definitely let all your cards count. Just a tip: next time I'd try and go for a more traditional approach to a competition like this, however that is probably my fault as the comp is quite specific in what it asks.

    EDIT: Contest ends 20th of Jan, judging and results up before 25th.
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    @Swegboss12: Whoops. Completely missed the AFTER Kaladesh clause. Can I retract Serene Drifter?
  • @KalamMekhar of course you can.
  • image

    Here's my replacement entry (3 of 3). The word Afflict is something I associate closely with plague, so this seemed a natural fit.
  • Final entry:

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    Or a more balanced version of that:
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    Last chance for entries! This contest is closing very soon, but as long as you get any entries or even notifications before I post judging it will count. Great entries so far guys!
  • This contest is now closed for judging.

    Everyone did a great job and I made sure I favourited all the entries, as they're all deserving of one! However, there are always cardsmiths who go a bit above and beyond when making their cards. This hard work evidently pays off, so here goes:

    In 3rd Place, Haunting Ghost Ship by @TenebrisNemo


    This card was well made and has a good theme about it. All the abilities fit well together and the artwork was well chosen. Good job!

    In 2nd Place, Dredge of Souls by @Arceus8523


    This Vehicle was beautifully made, and backed up it's Embalm mechanic with another, more original one! Another great thing was that you took the time to also make the specific token for the card itself. Only downside is that you couldn't find the artist. Still, a very interesting and unique card!

    And in 1st Place, Railroad Centaur by @icyyou !


    This is a genius idea for a card. The fact that you can exert a creature to change what kind of ability you want your Vehicle to have in combat is a great mechanic and I think this card is most deserving of 1st place. It has great artwork which matches the name very well. Great job!

    I also have 3 Honourable Mentions:

    The Cloudchaser by @sanyaya666


    Secret Submersible by @KalamMekhar


    Steamflogger Joyride by @NicolBolasFTW


    Congrats to all the winners and honourables, and thanks to everyone who entered this competition!
  • Awesome! Congratulations to other winners and honorable mentions as well! Thank you for this inspiring contest, @Swegboss12!

    Please fave any card of mine which you personally like!
  • WOW !!! caant believe i won THANKS a lot and congrats to all winners and honorables. You can fav those cards. And any other 2 you like.

    (astral insight won 2nd place on another contest)

  • @TenebrisNemo no problem, I favourited two of your cards as I'm already following you.

    @icyyou I favourited your cards and followed you but I've already favourited Pancho! Is there another card you'd like me to favourite?
  • You can favorite this instead no worries ! thanks again !

  • @Arceus8523 still waiting for your reply...
  • Please just favorite the three cards in my gallery you like the most. Thanks for hosting!
  • @Arceus8533 no problem.

    @Corwinnn if you could close this contest that would be great!
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