The price of carddom! (My first contest)

The price of playing your card of heavy mana cost. Should it pay a price? I want a card that makes your opponent think twice about tapping there mana and going all out on spells like Torment of Hellfire. If you can tap all that mana and hit me i want you to pay. Or you can take the approach of making a card that hurts your opponent for even tapping that mana to go all out with one of those beastie cards. Make it unique and make it you!

Rules: 1. Has to be artwork we do not find on an existing Magic card. 2. You can post up to three cards. 3. Let me see how much you want them to suffer.

Prizes: FIRST PRIZE 2 month membership! SECOND PRIZE 1 month membership! THIRD PRIZE i will follow you and the development of your account!

Time is up on the first of February at noon (etz)! (Sorry for it being such a short amount of time) Lets start out my first contest with a bang!


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