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I know this is a long shot and it may never happen, but who do you guys think should be cast to play the roles of planeswalkers if they ever did make a movie based on the game?

I'll start off with who I think should be cast as Chandra Nalaar, Camren Bicondova, who currently plays as young Selena Kyle/Catwoman on the tv series Gotham. Here is a comparison:


Of course, here is who I think should play as Jace Beleren, Joseph Gordon-Levitt:


So any other thoughts and opinions on this topic? I think the movie would be great if it was based around the planeswalkers, to be more precise, the oath of the gatewatch planeswalkers. They could start off with Nicol Bolas as a main villain or Ob Nixilis if they want to wait and build hype around Nicol Bolas, definitely the Eldrazis of course would have to be included at some point. This could make for some sweet movie ideas if done correctly.


  • I know there is a big age difference in the actors here, but come on this is hollywood, they can alter anything! Remember, Hugh Jackman is much taller than the wolverine of the comics, and he ended up being a fan favorite over time. Think of the possibilities here!
  • I'd suggest Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Garruk. He's got the right build and could doubtlessly be scary if he wanted.

    It has been considered several times...idk about the top of be page bc I think it is still in progress
  • There hasn't been much talk other than saying the topic is top secret and that fox and hasbro and WotC are obviously overseeing it. lol @ semi-'overseer' pun. *sigh*
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    Jace - Adam Driver
    Gideon - Bradley Cooper
    Chandra - Kristen Stewart
    Sarkhan - Christian Bale
  • @Tomigon - Do you mean Bradley Cooper as Gideon? I can see that!
  • @sorinjace
    Yes! name fixed
  • I asked @Aryanf what she felt about Adam Driver as Jace, she didn't agree. I can see him as Jace as well though too. I have to stick with Camren Bicondova as Chandra though, she just has the acting attitude and the look that we can expect Chandra to be. But of course, thats just my opinion XD
  • Not sure about a movie. Too many characters to fit in - I can imagine it being even messier than Justice League.

    TV would be a better option like Game of Thrones. Cast unknown actors for the main protagonists like how no-one had heard of Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams etc when GoT started (especially if we're starting with the young Origins versions of the planeswalkers, in which case people like Adam Driver and Bradley Cooper would be too old).

    Much like the sets, each season could be set on a different plane. A season on Zendikar, a season on Ravnica, depending on how closely they follow the existing storyline. I think it could be really cool, especially once GoT ends!
  • I agree with you @Animist, but didn't they try to make a tv series before? (Anime style?)
  • Yea in 2001 they tried to do a mini series
  • @sorinjace - Did they? I hadn't realised. Sounds like they've tried a few things but nothing's ever really taken off for one reason or another.
  • Okay...Rock the Dwayne Johnson as Garruk?
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    I agree with @animist that tv with unheard of actors would suit the mtg universe best.

    BUT if a series of movies with big name actresses were to be made I can see Angelina Jolie as Liliana.
  • I would like to volunteer someone to play Fblthp, but I promised myself I would NOT talk politics.
  • @Corwinnn: I can think of someone too. In fact, we may even be thinking of the same person.

  • @Aryanf Jace is Sith lord.
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    My Ideal Cast List:
    Jace- Adam Driver
    Gideon- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    Nissa- Dove Cameron or Will Farell (Who gets this joke?)
    Chandra- Scarlett Johansson.
    Liliana- Please don't put her in the movie.
    Nicol Bolas- James Earl Jones
    Ugin- Mark Hamill
    Zombie Elspeth- Emma Stone
    Tezzeret- Ryan Gosling
    Teferi- Will Smith
    Karn- Morgan Freeman
    Jhoira- I Literally Don't Know.
    Maro- Mark Rosewater
    Gray Merchant of Asphodel- Tom Kenny
    Urza's Severed Head- John Oliver

    I think we should fall into the "Tolarian School of Thought" and demand a Cartoon.
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    @Lujikul , The Rock's too likable to be Garruk. We need someone more monster than man, which is why I nominate Hafthor Bjornsson, the Icelandic strongman who plays The Mountain in Game of Thrones.
  • @Platypusburger Why would Garruk be in the movie at all? He doesn't seem to be a PW WOTC cares about anymore.

    I do like Hafthor Bjornsson for the role though. The Rock would be a much better Gideon.
  • @KrampisZman , because every superhero movie (and that's what this is), needs at least two antagonists!
  • Look to the World of Warcraft movie. It was a turboflop. I’m worried they would use too many planeswalkers, and which plane would they set it on?
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    Both of those problems would fix themselves if it were a television show.
  • I have a feeling the Tarkir block storyline would make for a good movie (or split into two movies). It's got all the elements of a classic fantasy movie: dragons (including Ugin and Bolas), kingdoms, war, a lead character who is fairly complex and not just some paragon of virtue, time travel, and so on.
  • Ravnica...if I could start on any plane it would be Ravnica no question about it
  • @KalamMekhar I would want a Theros Block or Khans Block movie. Too bad they want to make a movie about the Gatewatch more likely then not.
  • Nooo boooo gatewatch sucks...can we get a movie that instead of lore for the set there is just a movie ^^

    Or one where Nicol Bolas and Jace team up...(evil demon face)
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    @KrampisZman: Theros would also make a good movie! There must be something to attract the non-Magic-playing audience (time travel and dragons in Tarkir, Greek mythology and tragic romance in Theros).

    @DoctorFro: crossover walkers from the movie:

    Jace Beleren, Planeswalker
    Nicol Bolas the Mind-Sculptor
  • My vote for the planes to start the movie or tv series would have to be either Ravnica or Zendikar.
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