Planeswalkers Flipping Out

Planeswalkers are cool, but you know what is cooler? A planeswalker with 2 sides! Your job is to make me a double-sided planeswalker card. The card can be a legendary creature that has its spark ignite, or a regular planeswalker with something else going on, like Garruk or Arlinn Kord.
Entries will be based on flavor, how good/balanced the card is, and a couple of other factors.
No OP cards. They have to be balanced.
The planeswalker must have 2 sides
Realistic cards (No joke cards)
3 cards per person
1st place: Follow, 3 likes of your choice
2nd place: Follow, 2 likes of your choice
3rd place: Follow, 1 like of your choice

Contest ends Monday, April 30

Here's one of Arlinn Kord that I made.




  • This one is a little bit expected from my friends such as @Dechujoh64 as we are working on rebuilding the Sagara Undersieged custom block set I had started, completed, got frustrated and deleted, and @Dechujoh64 and @Aryanf brought back to life, so this creature actually DOES become a planeswalker in the storyline.... the villain of the set, Skullbrander. I'll post it asap @Aggroman15.
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  • Double-faced cards are my specialty. Will post an entry soon.
  • So do both sides have to be planewalkers? Or just one side?
  • It can be either one
  • Cool. I have an older one. I made it about 2 days ago.
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    image image
  • @pjbear2005 is her ability supposed to read, "target creature can't attack" or "target creature can't attack until end of turn"? Because if it's supposed to be permenant, then probably make it cost more. Same for the block ability.
    @TigerFang8 I actually saw that guy on the "These planes were made for walking" challenge just a little bit ago.
  • Yea sorry I will edit that
  • @Aggroman15 Yeah. I have been planning him for a while. Still didnt turn out as I hoped, but at least he could be concept.
  • @TigerFang8
    “...You lose 1 life.”
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    Got here my flipping planeswalker for ya.

    image< image<

    Now a few things to clarify. Yes I did intentionally put converted mana cost on both cards, because you can have either half of the transforming pair enter the battlefield when you cast it.

    It sucks that cardsmith doesn't let you add mana symbols to planeswalker abilities, otherwise both middle abilities would look nicer.

    Yes despite the fact they're both multicolor, I opted for using Red and Blue respectively instead of Gold; purely artistic choice.

    The whole duality of this one is izzet control, using stun or burn effects to control the board or giving you that extra mana to cast your spells. The best control effects are obviously their ultimate abilities, they're a bit on the lower loyalty cost and are a tad underwhelming on their own, but the idea is to help stack these abilities on an opponent.
  • That's a nice card @Baron-777! I just used the same art you used for the blue side of your card the other day on a trap card for the trap contest.
  • My entry...


    I wanted to go for something rare in magic, and wanted something like Elbrus the Binding Blade / Withengar Unbound. The planeswalker was originally going to be black (and generate Horror creatures), but after some forced rewording of the planewalker abilities due to character limits felt that Blue (and Illusions) was a better fit. On the whispering axe in the comments you can still see my original plans for what I wanted the planeswalker to be.

    Also luckily I was able to cram in some flavor text on the bottom, wish planeswalkers could have some too.
  • @TigerFang8 On your Noremi card, it says, "Lose 1 life." It should be, "You lose 1 life."
    It also says, "Whenever a creature's death is caused by Noremi..." It should say, "Whenever a creature dealt damage by Noremi dies this turn..."
    Sorry, I'm really anal-retentive about this sort of stuff :/
  • @TIgerFang8 @TezzeretofCarmot21
    Actually the other proposed version also has an error. If you don't do it as follows you have to track all creatures damaged by Noremi the whole game.

    Whenever a creature dealt damage by Noremi this turn<>/b: dies.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 I would be what I said, no? One of his abilities is to destroy a creature. He would have not dealt damage.
  • @TigerFang8 Yeah but I’m not sure if “Whenever a creature’s death is caused” is the right way.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 I don't think it is either, but I didn't know what to put.
  • @TigerFang8 I’m not sure if there was a card like that before. Do whatever you like.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 Okay. I will try to keep an eye out and let you know if I find one.

    Victor Hale was a planeswalker from the rapidly developing plane of Devonia. He discovered his talent for nature as a teenager. Hale learned from Nimi'Tzi, a powerful mage from the Kiroka, a tribe that had peacefully coexisted with the Devonians. Victor, after years of training, could make a tiny weed grow into an enormous sequoia.
    However, Franz, an artificer who Hale was best friends with, accidentally shot Hale with a warper gun. The gun caused Victor to age forty years, but it also caused his spark to ignite and it prevented Victor from aging - he was stuck as a sixty-year-old man.
    After Victor planeswalked to the plane of La'akea, he fell in love with a man named Ipolo, who tended a grove filled with all sorts of wondrous plants. Ipolo and Victor could make incredible things happen.
    Later, after Victor went back to Devonia, a planar crash caused a plane called Fronteria to be "sutured" east of Devonia. When Victor tried to planeswalk to Fronteria, his spark was corrupted and he was stuck on Fronteria forevermore.
    Now, Victor Hale plots to escape his planar prison.
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