I will write these wrongs. *CIRCUIT CHALLENGE*

If you're like me and enjoy bad things for some reason(?) you'd have checked out whymtgcardsmith, or just scrolled through the recent tab. What I've found is that the two mechanics that get misused the most are phyrexian mana and hybrid mana. SInce I belive in the good in us all(?) I belive we can right these wrongs. So here's the contest!

Create a card that uses either phyrexian mana or hybrid mana in the mana cost.

1. Up to three entries
2. Entries close June 20. Judging will be shortly after.
3. Serious entries only sorry!
4. Old entries are ok
5. Entries can be edited, removed and changed up until the closing date.
6. That's it!

NOTE: Phyrexian mana cards for this contest do not have to be flavourfully phyrexian.

Main judging criteria will be correct and interesting use of phyrexian/hybrid mana. I want the phyrexian/hybrid mana to be there for a reason, not just because it's there.

EDIT: This is now a circuit challenge! This means the prizes will be even more spectacular!
First place: 5 favourites of you choice, 1 circuit point!
Second place: 3 favourites of your choice, 3/4 circuit points.
Third: 2 favourites of your choice, 1/2 circuit point.
Honourable mentions: 1 favourite of your choice, 1/4 circuit point.

Happy smithing!


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