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    Right barrel roll? Easy Here we go:


    What? That isn't good enough? Just look at the terror in his face! FINE. Here is a barrel roll. No hidden drawbacks what so ever. By Balinian standards this is tame.


    You think the barrel roll is cool? HAH! Just wait till the pilot finds out no-one ever fixed his brakes...
  • 1st Place


    That challenge was one of the hardest, and I think it was dealt it in a very graceful way. Also, it is absolutely revolting, which I admire, because that's kind of the whole point of his/her empire.

    2nd Place


    I just love how it establishes such a random, volatile precedent. Now I know what to expect of his/her empire, and looking forward to it.

    3rd Place


    It is just a very well rounded, interesting card, and the flavor text is hilarious, without straying too far from the classic WotC format.

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  • This is the map, everyone! Sorry, I'm running really behind schedule. I'll keep it up, I'll promise. The winners got a boost in territory. These are the main locations:



    The Anserian Empire arrived onto the north of the isle, and spread its territory far. It inhabits the dark wood, a place of dark nature magicks. It is rumoured that a race of owl-people live deep in the heart of the wood, but they have never been truly confirmed to exist.


    Nya Vengant and her rebels arrived on the south of the isle, on the coastal forest of Shinebright, which isn't nearly as big as the dark wood, but is densely populated by little folks. There are 2 main races - the gentle Porki and the mischievous Lorka. The problem is... No one can tell them apart from each other!



    The centre of the western clade is highly populated by mundane humans, who lack magic, but are proficient in technology. The mountains you landed on are protected from human eyes by a magical veil, but you will have to come into contact with them at some point if you want to expand.


    You landed on the tip of the clade, near Gualacamolamolamelomila Bay. The waters are filled with dark creatures of the deep and vortexes of mind magic. The Rathians will feel right at home there! Across the bay lay...


    Uninhabited by any empire so far, so

    iT's fReE rEaL eStAtE!

    No one knows what the colonists will encounter on those, though...



    The eastern clade keeps out most prying eyes with a vortex of mysteries and anomalies, but that's the sort of things the Balinian corp. would fly like a swarm of flies to honey to, amiright? Your communication with the other players will be limited, but, on the bright side, you won't have much competition at first. East of the eastern clade, there are...


    An archipelago of weird, uninhabited islands filled with a primitive race of monkeys that are crazy for banana bread. Not much to say, except that.


    Located between the 2 clades, these islands are used by many races to migrate back and forth on little boats. They might be useful if any empire wants to branch over to the next continent early.



    Separated from the western clade by the gulf of rift, the eye is the population center of the plane. It is ruled by a confederacy, with an elite made of elves, and the lower classes made from all sorts of races from around the plane. Overthrowing them will be a challenge!

    @sanjaya666 (Good to have you back, man)

    The UK of Zalania (*giggles uncontrollably*) is situated in the east of the clade, near a nation of warlocks, who claim to come from space on huge planar-ships, but they have no proof to back it up except a weird structure that may or may not be the decayed hull of a spaceship.


    The forsaken angels land in a very hot desert, with mountains whose tips are paradoxically cold. It separates them from the rest of the plane. Will you try to cross it, or go out to sea (watch out, Ratha)?

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    @HeroKP (Technically they're called as the Raiders of Zalania. The kingdom is already fallen apart anyway.

    About the timeline:
    - In the plane of Solania, humans and elves were having their own kingdoms, the Zaban Empire and the elves of Alaniyan wilderness.
    - A dark wizard named Septim Vulganos arose to power and built his own kingdom called as Dreadfell, causing restlessness to the neighboring kingdoms.
    - In desperation to combat against the dire threat from the Dreadfells, the peaceful humans and the elves unified their forces and formed their new state, the United Kingdom of Zalania.
    - The wizard ascended his status as a planeswalker after another failed assassination attempt, causing a massive cataclysmic event that ravaged the continent.
    - The survivors of the cataclysm desperately built a Planar Bridge, along with the help from an unknown artificer-planeswalker who was wandering around that world, who also gave the survivors devices to harness the chaotic mana from the blind eternities, causing the people to have overall more or less reckless and bad behaviors.
    - The Raiders of Zalania then formed due to a certain cunning person named Adalia saw an opportunity to redirect those behaviors for productive causes, namely like pillaging and raiding another kingdoms that located beyond their world, by using the Planar Bridge. And because of that, their enemies could never find their hideout because of their otherworldly location.
    - They're currently building their forces from the pillaged resources they've gotten so far, such as building interplanar skyships and aether weaponries, and they're also continuing to grow their forces.

    There. Now you should understand it.)
  • Now, a little display of power, perhaps? Welcome to the first

  • I need you to make a card that represents gathering a resource. Say you decide to do mining, per say. You could make a miner card, or a pickaxe, or a golden nugget, whatever really, so long as it's clear.


    If everyone succeeds in making a card, then I will have to judge them. Now, all the cards will be great, I'm sure, but one is bound to be not quite as good as the others (please don't take this as a personal insult :( I tried to sugarcoat it as much as I could). The card I decide falls short of the others will be ELIMINATED!

    Good luck, and sweet nightmares!
  • what kind of resources do you think of? just any kind or rather a resource for e.g. building, smithing, a power source or food/water or sth like that?
  • Yeah. @Vardrus Literally anything
  • @HeroKP I looked for something very specific that the Forsaken Angels would want and no other tribe would be interested in, which lead me to something a little unorthodox. Are prayers accepted as a ressource you can gather?

  • Working on a card. Will post tomorrow.
  • @ningyounk , Yes, this is completely fine, great work!
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    Raiding is equal gathering resources. If they weren't dead first.

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    Since there is a lot of water at gualacamosomething bay, it's an easily accessible resource. While they have enough water for their army, they can also start examining the unknown magic that surrounds them.


    Edit: Gualacamolamolamelomila Bay
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    My guys can harvest valuable resources by reaching deep underground and sensing the materials. They then bring them up to the surface in elemental form, and then immediately break the magic that holds the elemental together, getting the valuable resources.

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  • Am I the only one who read this as 'Colonisers of Australia'?
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    I actually mad the name similar on purpose to confuse everyone, hence the "G'day, mates!" opening.

    BTW, Are you interested in joining part 2?
  • The Anserian Empire has begun their hunt for resources!
  • Great, @Lujikul is through the gate!

    That still leaves the question of @fms and @ASubtleGhost . If you do not post a card, you are ELIMINATED FROM THE CONTEST ENTIRELY. Better get smithing!
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    Now, this is interesting. Either @fms doesn't post, and then he is ELIMINATED. The eastern clade becomes completely uninhabited.


    @fms does post, and I will judge your cards, to find the worst of the best.

    DUN DUN DUN!...
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    I gave you heaps of time, but unfortunately, you have not been able to post. I loved your cards, but unfortunately the rules of the challenge request you be eliminated.

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