High Color Weight **Circuit Challenge**

Color weighted cards are difficult to cast. And what is difficult to cast in MtG is usually powerful. In this contest, I'd like to see some of those cards!

1) Your card must have at least three mana symbols of the same type to cast it.
2) Your card can't have generic mana symbols({1}, {2}, {3}, {x}...) in its mana cost.


Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

Only new cards.
Limit of 3 entries max per person.
Deadline in 2 weeks: October 15 at midnight, Japan Standard Time
*Top 3 winning cards will get a super amazing -TROPHY-; and a spot in -HALL OF FAME- !

**This is also a Circuit Challenge - Season 4!**
First Place will get 1 circuit point
Second Place will get 3/4 circuit point
Third Place will get 1/2 circuit point
Honorable Mentions will get 1/4 circuit point


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