The Spooky Scary contest

They might be spooky, they might be scary, but you know what is really spooky?
When I search for Zombies in mtg I get 411 results.
The spooky skeletons only get 48 results.
Does Wizards not care about the bony boys? Are they too spooked perhaps?

October is upon us. It is time to create. Spooky scary skeletons, send shivers down your spine, shrieking skulls will shock your soul, seal your doom tonight.

image image image

* Up to 7 entries are allowed.
* Up to 3 of these entries may be old cards.
* Cards must be created in mtgcardsmith.
* Cards can be edited and changed at any time before the deadline.
* Credit the artist or provide a source for the artwork.

The top three will be given a place in the hall of spook!
First place: 5 favorites of your choice.
Second place: 4 favorites of your choice.
third place: 3 favorites of your choice.
Honorable mentions: 1 favorite of my choice.

Deadline is the 28th of October.

Spooky and dreadful smithing!!


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