-Vote for the Best Recipe on the Menu-

____I present the ten most popular recipes on The Menu in the history of The Restaurant!____
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Would all patrons, and everyone else, please Vote For their Top 3 out of these 4 Uncommons, 4 Rares, and 2 Mythics? These will comprise 1st-3rd place in the order of my choosing, the rest will be HMs for Season One. Voting will be from today (Monday, April 8th) until Saturday (April 13th). I'm a few days late of posting this on my birthday (April 5th), oh well!

Here are the prompts and patrons of each:
Fungal Future: "You don't lose and you do lose." - @meadowsatsunshine.
Vice, Rummage Chief: "A Rakdos version of 'Group-Hug.'" - @Gelectrode.
Past to Present: "A specified artwork request." - @Brainifyer.
Burst Potential: "A powerful burn spell that hits creatures and heals opponents." - @Toodz111
Alisce, Fortune Adept: "Wedge card that emulates an effect in the missing colors." - @zephramtripp
Ramidreju: "A mythical creature that is new to me." - @Platypusburger
Blood Witch Aspirant: "A blood witch for rtrtr." - @brcien
Ethereal Carapce: "A unique card using manifest." - @modnation675
Magmatic Repulsion: "An enchantment that has 'land tribal' but isn't green." - @Bowler218
Bountiful Seas: "A Fish token generator." - @Tomigon

The vote order isn't important (in other words, you needn't list 1st-3rd, merely the three you like best).

As some of you know, I only fave cards that have placed (first-third and honorable mentions) in contests I've (co)hosted: This makes "Faiths_Guide Faves" very rare. Additionally, I make tokens for those that take first place in This Set.

[Patrons: @modnation675, @Gelectrode, @meadowsatsunshine, @Platypusburger, @Corwinnn, @Odogom, @obsidianhoax, @Cybernekit, @Brainifyer, @Jyagaimasu, @BradXmagic, @0wlb0y, @Toodz111, @Hinges, @zephramtripp, @hivelord3, @Lujikul, @zizick123, @Decaldor, @sanjaya666, @FizzyGig, @ImagineThat, @unicornsareevil13579, @brcien, @KrampisZman, @ManaChrome, @Beydin13, @NokiSkaur, @SpiritDragon, @TigerFang8, @atrus159, @EnvyReaper, @KingWatherton, @baryonyx69, @MEGAElixer, @Suicidal_Deity, @Bowler218, @TigerGecko66, @Tomigon, @Potato13, @AustinSmith, @Alastor_Cain, @Ranshi922, & @Netherin5.]

Rewards will be announced along with results. Get those votes in before Saturday!
If you are not a patron, you are still welcome to pick your top 3. I will tally all votes on Saturday (April 13th).


  • Fungal Future, Past to Present, Magmatic Repulsion. I would pick Blood Witch Aspirant for amazing combo potential and great Rakdos things, but it’s also, in my opinion, broken beyond repair.
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    Well, it was created before he was spoiled, but War of the Spark has got an Uncommon higher power & toughness card with indentical cost and a much better version of her first ability in it: Mayhem Devil. This, combined with the fact that her second ability is very restricted, and can't reduce colored mana, probably makes her too weak for rare, but I agree, she could still result in "great Rakdos things."

    Thanks for voting!
  • @Faiths_Guide I only say this because mana cost reduction+Dealing damage to each opponent=insane spectacle things. Also, isn't Mayhem Devil a 1 hit kill with Bolas Citadel? That card seems pretty op, especially in an aristocrat based deck, and especially at uncommon. Both are reallllyy good, actually.
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    Well, you do have to have 10 nonland permanents in play. The devil isn't really op, just good.

    Correct, they are both really strong. It's cool that you noticed the spectacle synergy (I designed for that).
  • I'm confused by what this is
  • @pjbear2005
    I have now linked the restaurant above.
  • Here you go!
    1) Ramidreju
    2) Past to Present
    3) Vice, Rummage Chief
  • 1) Bountiful Seas
    2) Vice, Rummage Chief
    3) Alisce, Fortune Adept
  • Fungal Future, Burst Potential, Magmatic Repulsion.
  • 1. Burst Potential - It's the Boros version of Swords to Plowshares! Now with Hex-proof-proof (That's a thing!)
    2. Blood Witch Aspirant - It feels RTRTR and I love it!
    3. Ramidreju - Cool new creature and flavorful to boot!
  • My top 3 picks:
    1st - Magmatic Repulsion
    2nd - Past to Present
    3rd - Blood Witch Aspirant
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    So, we meet at last! If you guessed that my name rhymes with wraith bride, you'd be correct *Guffaw*

    You've caught me at a busy moment I'm afraid, but both ale and advise are for sale at a price.
    So now you know the truth, the restaurant is but a dense wooden tavern. At least the food's good, am I right?

    Well, all of you customers have paid with little less than hair-brained orders up until now, so I would request, for the benefit of myself and future guests, that you provide another payment:
    Please peruse this first set of most popular recipes and let me know which three are your favorites! *Provide feedback on my personal card as well, of course.*
  • In no particular order.

    1. Ramidreju

    2. Bountiful Seas

    3. Fungal Future
  • @Suicidal_Deity
    Thanks for swingin' by!
  • @Faiths_Guide forgive my ignorance, but how do you become a patron...? Is this contest based on a contest I missed? What is this exactly?

    Regardless, here is my top 3 votes since we are welcome to drop votes:

    1.) Magmatic Repulsion
    2.) Ramidreju
    3.) Bountiful Seas
  • @sorinjace
    Thanks for your votes!

    Visit "The Restaurant" link in the description to find out more!
  • Happy belated birthday fg! I saw your reverse contest before, i thought i made a request but i guess i must not have posted it?
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    Thanks! That's weird, I thought you had too...

    Just scanned the discussion: it would appear that you've never commented over there.
  • @Faiths_Guide that's so freakin' weird...

    so, how do I get involved, do I still go to that one or do I post a request here for you? Or is it too late?
  • @sorinjace
    It's ongoing. Just hop into the restaurant and place in order in ten words or less. ;)
  • Sounds tough, only ten words...ok thanks.
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    __________________Voting closes on Saturday (April 13th)!_________________
    Anyone is welcome to vote on their top 3 of the ten cards in the description.
  • *Buoomp* Excuse me! Eating to much of my own cookin' again!
  • Ramidreju, Burst Potential, Ethereal Carapace. Loved the menu, will come back for more.
  • @ArmisJoe
    Thank you!

    Reminder: Tomorrow is that last day to cast your vote!
  • Here's my vote:
    • Past to Present
    • Magmatic Repulsion
    • Bountiful Seas
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