I want to clarify this is just for fun, you better have fun with it, or else...lol.

Cowabunga dudes! Like, woah, its time to get down on some radical business!


Welcome guys, to my gajilionth contest, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES CONTEST!

I would like to see what you guys come up with. Anything related to the Ninja Turtles. Come on, we did Batman, why not the Ninja Turtles? ;)

Here is some example cards I made:


Winning cards will be added to my new set on my profile, TMNT.

Thank you for your interest! Can't wait to see what you guys cook up. I'd appreciate anyone taking a stab at this.


1.) New or old cards are fine.
2.) Please credit the artist.
3.) No limit to the amount of entries.
4.) No derp or Un cards allowed. I actually want to see this set be playful if it was actually a real thing.
5.) Rules subject to change or have additional rules added.
6.) Entries are due by Thanksgiving, eastern standard time, USA (so you have about a month to get some entries in roughly.)
7.) Cards can be of any card type. Be creative and think of the tv shows, movies, comics, etc! There is tons of things that can be made for this!


Yes though this is categorized under Just for Fun Contests, I still want to reward you for entering.

3rd place winner will receive 3 favorites and have their placing card added to my TMNT set.

2nd place winner will receive 4 favorites and have their placing card added to my TMNT set.

1st place winner will receive 5 favorites and have their placing card added to my TMNT set.

In the event there are enough entries, there will be honorable mention(s). Each honorable mention WILL ALSO be added to my TMNT set folder and be rewarded 2 favorites apiece.


I will most likely be favoriting just about everything that is entered in this contest. Please be respectful and make some believable cards, and have fun. Just... if you make food cards about pizza, there better not be any anchovis... or you may make Mikey do some bad things ;)

Thats it for now. I will be creating cards as well, but please do not let that discourage you from creating a card of the same creature or concept! The more, the better!

SJ :)


  • I may have surprises stored for contestants, stay vigil, drop entries, I may just surprise you with something cool!
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    image image
    Master Splinter's art is by David Petersen (Sorry only found it after I published).
  • @sorinjace
    How are you doing? Haven't spoke with you in a while, as myself have been centered on Ranshi922's discord server lately.

    Anyways, when you're free to chat, message myself on mtgcardsmith or discord.

    Hope your contest turns out well! :)
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  • Hey @murkletins! Thanks for dropping by, I will get ahold of you asap. Will you possibly be entering the contest as well? ;)
  • Not very familiar with TMNT, but will try,
  • @murkletins sweet! a great place to start is on youtube i believe they have the oldschool episodes in full there free to watch
  • @sorinjace
    Just clarifying, no limit to the number of entries?
  • @theran_baggins you are correct! There's no limit to the amount of entries you submit.
  • Thank you for clarifying
  • On a side note related to Ninja Turtles....why your favorite is so important.

  • Yup. Seen that before.
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    @Lastjustice, after watching that video, what do you think of this:

    @Corwinnn = Michealangelo
    @Tomigon = Leonardo
    @sanjaya666 = Raphael
    @Phelgming = Donatello

    @Suicidal_Deity = Splinter (your welcome)


    In case you guys don't know what the heck I'm referring to, I'm referring to the youtube video @Lastjustice posted just above. :)
  • I've never watched ninja turtles
  • @Tomigon I guess I should list their personalities then?

    Donatello is the most intelligent of the ninja turtles he is also the nerdiest and the most tech savvy. He is their go to guy for gadgets and tech questions.

    Michaelangelo is the free-spirited reckless turtle but the most likely to crack jokes and he is the partier of the bunch; rumor has it among hardcore tmnt fans that Mikey is also the most talented, but since he is so laid back he never shows off his true talents. (supposedly.)

    Raphael is the strongest of the turtles and the best hands-on fighter, but he is also the most sensitive of the turtles. He is also very hard headed and will often times go on his own without the other turtles on his own adventures and quests, this almost always leads him to getting into trouble, and the other turtles often have to help bail him out depending on the situation. He bumps heads with Leo off and on, but his bond is also the strongest with Leo of the turtles. He's the one that would knock his brothers heads off if they argue, but heaven forbid anyone ELSE would do that to them with Raph around, he would go absolutely berserk on them. He loves his brothers and has the most passion, but if you point this out to him, he's likely to break your finger lol.

    Leonardo is the leader of the turtles. He is cunning and has the most experience in combat of all the turtles (with maybe a possible exception for Raphael.) His leadership qualities often times has gotten the turtles out of bad situations. He is Splinter's greatest student. He and Raph butt heads often because Leo wants to always follow what Splinter has taught them while Raph always thinks he has a better way to tackle a problem than what Splinter proposes (though all the turtles have an undying love and devotion to their father.) When Leo is out of the picture, the turtles are never on the same page and its always chaotic. He is their true leader.

    Splinter is the turtles adoptive father, and their mentor. think of him as TMNT's Yoda, and you have a great idea of what Splinter is about. He has many wise things to say and teach the young turtles, and has amazing combat skills that when provoked almost always end up saving the day. (If you watch the original 1980's tmnt film, at the end of the movie, he sends Shredder falling off the top of a building and he barely had to move. No joke, the dude is that skilled in the 'art of ninjutsu. lol)

  • Here's a villain that is a villain to both the turtles AND Shredder: Baxter Stockman!

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    Did someone want pizza?


    I searched up Pizza on artstation and this came up after I scrolled down a little bit :)
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    Interesting! I'll probably watch Michael Bay's movie for the basic knowledge.
  • @Tomigon Oooh. Um. For basic knowledge you should watch the original tmnt animated series, Michael Bay's movie, while being fun as hell to watch, didn't quite meet the original flavor of the turtles. If you are willing to trust me on this, please start with the original tmnt series from the 1980's. Just trust me. Once you get into it, and you see the original films, then watch Michael Bay's and you will see just how different it is. I liked it? But a lot of other people felt it was too much like Transformers (another Michael Bay film he is well known for making.) I'll try to get a link to the first episode for you. brb.
  • @Tomigon here is the link I found to the first series of the Turtles, dated back to 1987, and its 22 minutes long and free in full to watch on youtube.

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    @sorinjace Hell dude, I'm Raph? Lmao.

    Is cool, actually. No biggie.

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    I could see them fitting something close to that Sorinjace.

    Ultimately each of the turtles bring something to the table and balances out the others traits to where they can coexist together.

    Michaelangelo makes them all laugh, and keeps Leo and Raph from killing each other. While he's a slacker, when he does put his full energy into something he has the most potential. Like Donny he has passions beyond just beating up things. He has the most difficult weapon to control nunchucks because splinter wanted him to have work harder to focus. (though in later episodes you will see Mikey using a rope to subdue enemies because of censorship in the 80s show.) He is the heart of the team, as he is the one that reminds them all they are brothers not just brothers in arms.

    Donatello Likes fighting the least. He's the quiet one of the bunch. He lacks the strong outgoing personality of his brothers, so he often backs Leo's plays. He sees the world very different lens as there's always possiblities in the simplest thing, so why he was given the Bo as his weapon. A mundane staff can be used in many ways. He's a problem solver at his core. Raph and him overlap in their desire to be alone, as they both put value on their "me time". He bring brains and tech to the team, as his talents have gotten them out of situations they'd otherwise been doomed in.

    Raphael The 80s character Raph didn't come through remotely as well other installments of him. He's mostly just snarky in the 80s show, unlike his comic book counter part, making him seem alot like mikey. Other versions do a better job of showing layers to him. Raph is unbrided passion, as he feels everything, and reacts like a bull in a china shop. He often seen as angry, because that's the feeling he is most comfortable expressing. He often needs be alone to process it all. Leo and him clash because their world views are different. Leo is much more big picture, while Raph looks to the here and now because that is what he feels. He wants to save the neighborhood while Leo wants to save the world.(Their clashes are similar to that of Wolverine and Cyclops in Xmen.) When Raph finds his center he is capable of leading, but he doesn't let that guy out too often. He will go out fight muggers or whatever crime he finds on the streets alone just to let off steam, and do things 100% his way without splinter or leo's micromanagement. He feels like he has take on everything, but his brothers keep him from staring into the abyss that he is not alone. Raph uses sais as they represent his need get close up and personal with everything, and interlock with it.

    Leonardo As the eldest brother, he takes himself out of the situations and acts as a steady hand of the team. A being of purpose. He often puts the greater good above his own wants and needs. He compartmentalizes things to not react as emotionally as the others. Because of this the others sometimes view him as passionless and butt kisser to splinter. He's all about the rules, being honorable, being the truest to path of the samurai. As much as they give him a hard time, Leo is the one all of them trust because he is by far the most consistent and reliable. He will be often training while his brothers pursuit other interests. (It's said he has to, since Raph and Mikey both outclass him strength wise.) Leo is usually shown as the best all around and balanced in games. Not say leo has no weak spots...like any boy scout he has one blindspot when it comes to the resident bad girl, Karai. (basically his catwoman to her batman.) She can play him like a fiddle. Despite being tactical genius she reduces him to a fool, as she implodes his world view of everything being black and white. When she isn't twisting him in knots, he tends be the most focused and by far the best to lead the team. Splinter often won't trust the others to go on patrol without him. He uses a ninjakin (a completely made up style of katana...Katanas are curved not straight because it makes them better for slashing than thrusting.) a weapon that shows his nature as the straight edge of the crew.

    Amusingly a more recent magic had a card that had a squad of 4 creatures that made me think of the turtles and what each represents...


    If the turtles were half red goblins..
    Don/Brains= Izzet
    Raph/Brawn= Gruul
    Mike/Jokester= Rakdos

    Granted you could express the turtles as many different ways depending what aspect you want to capture of them.

  • Wait, how is a brain in a jar a 5-coloured creature with 'Warlord' in it's name?
  • @KorandAngels Krang is a genius alien that uses mechs and spaceships he designs to conquer worlds.
  • Here are the Four themselves.
  • I'd think it would be an artifact. Remember these cards?
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