You and I, We're Two Sides of the Same Coin...

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This contest has no prizes. We have learned the hard way many times that I can't be trusted to judge contests.

Consider this as inspiration for all of you who have no clue what to do when designing cards for fun!

After a devil of a time thinking about how to implement different D&D characters from my various campaigns and my characters, namely with Asnr, my wild mage, I figured out a way I could make a planeswalker with Wild Magic that fits into the PW frame here. COIN FLIPPING!

So that is what I challenge you all to make: cards that make you and/or have synergy with flipping coins.

As I said, there are no prizes, but I will favorite entries that I like, and I will be looking at them all!

This little "contest" will be closed when entries die down.

For Example, Asnr, the aforementioned Wild Mage:

New cards only, btw!


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