An Artifice of Aristocrats - The Tourney


A while back, I was able to make a contest for my set, Artifice of Aristocrats, thanks to @mtgcardsmith and @Platysburger for giving me premium.

==The Contest==

The king had declared that a tourney be held in the capital city. Great lords and heroic knight, freeriders and squires, princes and priests, they all arrived in packs to fight in the tourney.

Now YOU will make all of these participants. They will fight in this tournament. You can make any kind of fighter, from hedge knights, to barbaians, to the king himself.

Additional Rules:

-Unlimited entries
-Old cards are allowed
-End date: May 10th

==Prizes and Judging==

I will judge this in a special way. I'll take all the entries, and form them into tournament brackets. Each day, starting on the 11th of May, we will vote one group after another, all the way to 16ths, then to the finals.

Prizes: All entries I like will be put into my set. Additional prizes will be determined later.


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