Winner is the Judge #1 (Unappreciated Creatures)

I don't know if anybody ever frequented a while back, but there was series of contests under this name. I was hoping to honor it by starting the same series here. The rules are rather simple. The winner of the previous contest creates the rules for the next one. However, some rules should stay the same throughout the series.

1). The judge cannot participate in the current contest or the next contest (This is to prevent the same people from winning all the time).
2). Cards will be graded based on realism, power (too broken/too weak), flavor, and art. Although the last two aren't nearly as important.
3). Each contest starts on Monday 12:01am Central Time (-6:00) and ends Saturday 11:59 Central Time (-6:00). This leaves a week for contestants to post their entries and a day for the judge to decide the winner(s).

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head so without further ado (yes, I spelled that right), let's begin.

This week's theme is under-appreciated creature types. Some creature types just don't get any love anymore. Here's an example for each color; Goats, Jellyfish, Skeletons, Dwarves, and Bears. You can use other creature types if you want but they can't be ones that are already popular (Aka zombies, soldiers, merfolk etc...)

Here's a few examples for skeletons;

Edit: Forgot to tell you guys the ending date, its 5/16/15


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