King of Aristocrats. Challenge.

Make a card for our good buddy Corwinnn, who hosted some pretty damn fun aristocrat challenges for the guilds.

Corwinnn, Aristocrat

The guildelines are as follows...

1. CMC between 2 and 6.
2. Must have at least one color in the casting cost.
3. Should be Uncommon or Rare.
4. Should fit the feel of... Corwinnn.
5. Subtype should include "Advisor"
6. Needs to have Corwinnn in the name, as well as be a legendary creature.

"Colors: ALL - Either mono or 2 color combos
Style: FUN - I like to crush people with stupid cards
Cards: ANYTHING - Just no Interrupts :D
Cost: CMC 5 or lower"

A quote from Corwinnn in the 'Make a Cardmaker' challenge.

This, at the present, will simply be a challenge. If it gets some decent entries and picks up some hype, I might turn it into a contest. With me creating the prize, most likely a card or two, and probably a story. And more than likely (although I haven't asked him, ha ha.) judged by Corwinnn himself.

Have fun with it, and show some support to a guy who has helped keep this site fun and interesting, on par with the Mods, and at times more active in the realm of customer service. Ha ha.


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