When I look back... I see opportunity

Hey, you! Thanks for clicking on my contest! Well, not really a contest, more like a fun community... thing. Call it what you want. Anyways, this... community thing is about remaking a card you created in your early days of cardsmithing. You know, probably everyone had a rough start - not knowing how to word things properly, making unbalanced cards and so on. At least I had it that way, before I discovered how to truly make Magic cards. So now I ask you to take a card you made way back when you were starting to exist on this site and remake it. You can just take inspiration from the old card, or just make a functionally same card that just looks better or whatever suits your will. Please post both of the cards here when you are done. Post any number of them.

There are no winners and no time limit, I just want people to enjoy their time with some Magic and some nostalgia. That's all.

Also, there's an example of my cards matching this criteria:
image image
I think you can really see the improvement here.
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