Playing With Fire [Cardsmith Party!]



  • Ok I'll enter.
  • @DrakeGladis Nerdiness?

    Your inspiration:

    Create a card that makes an obscure reference. Please explain it.

    @Dechujoh64 welcome to the party!

    Your inspiration:

    Create a sword or shield equipment.
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    Here's a hungry boy who can become a more powerful boy if you feed it your enemy's boys! Can I have another, please?
  • @KorandAngels First, do no shoutiness.

    If you get a challenge that you don't like (because you can't think of any ideas for it or something) then you can spend a draft chaff to give that challenge to somebody else and get a new one.

    If you don't like your challenge but don't want to give it to somebody else, you can use a booster pack to get a new challenge from @Tommia.

    Prizes are nice things like favorites, slots are something that you don't need to worry about.
  • Oh wait you can just grind challenges for prizes with no limits? Oh I’m going to get working hard after I fly home today. (I got up at 2am to be at the airport on time.)
  • @Arceus8523 You can do that, but note that the challenges will get progressively more difficult if you request them frequently!
  • @HeroKP Rolling for initiative...

    You rolled a 13. You get:
    Leaning Tower of Pizza (Common, MISSION):

    You got a Mission!

    You have a giant amount of pizza you need to deliver to an extravagant party ASAP! You need a vehicle that’s quick enough to get to the party while being large enough to carry all this pizza! If you complete this mission you’ll be handsomely paid,
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    *Tommia gets an F*
  • @Tommia

    You know I already had an unaddressed challenge going, right?
  • OOooPPss...
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    @Bowler218 You’re going to kill me with that thing, aren’t you...

    Anyways, you rolled a 17 on your guaranteed prize roll! You get:

    Mercy Roll (Rare, Triggered): If you roll a negative effect or any player rolls chaos, the die is automatically rerolled. Then you lose Mercy Roll.

    As for your challenge...

    Create two balanced commanders that work well together and have Partner (You can have two commanders if both have partner.)

    Notice: Due to the frequency you’re completing challenges, they will become more difficult over time.
  • Week long BUMP
  • Just noticed this, oop. Right on it.
  • Taulmaril: Also known as Heartseeker, this bow is featured in the Forgotten Realms: Legends of Drizzt, and is wielded by Cattie-Brie.
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    @KorandAngels I am going to implode now. Can’t believe I forgot to give you a challenge!

    Your challenge: Create a creature that’s a cat. (It can’t have any subtypes except cat).

    @DrakeGladis As for you...

    You rolled - 19
    You get - Table Flip (Rare, Triggered): If you don’t win a deadline, you lose Table Flip. Anyone who won that deadline can’t request a new challenge for a week. Cannot be transferred.

    Your Challenge: Create a card of your fursona -OR- Create a card that reflects your spirit animal
  • image
    I know, this card is rubbish. I was in a hurry.
  • Like, an actual fursona, or just a spirit animal card? Two very different things...
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    Either or. Your choice @DrakeGladis. Meant to reflect this in the comment, but I was groggy atm.
  • Eh, why not? Toss one my way.
  • *THROWS*

    Your challenge: Make a card whose overall flavor (art, effect, etc., not literally flavor text) depicts something being thrown.
  • Can I have another challenge?
  • @KorandAngels Sure! Let me just roll this...

    You rolled a... uh oh.

    You rolled a 1. That means it’s time for chaos!

    Ten Sided Die of Uncontrollable Power (Chaos, Countdown): I rolled this, and now it’s yours. You have a number of days to pass it to another player equal to the number I rolled, but no one knows what number I rolled! The player with the die receives a hard challenge that overrides the current challenge they have, and once they complete it, they name another person currently in the contest to pass it to! When it reaches 0, it will explode, causing the player holding it to lose all entries submitted so far for this deadline.

    Your Chaos Challenge - HARD: Create a creature that, through any method, creates Vora the Great, a legendary X/X green Hydra creature token with trample.
  • image
    You said 'By Any Method?'
  • @KorandAngels That's DEFINITELY one way, and a very creative one. Now, choose a player to throw the D10 at!
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    I don't know who to give it to, so I close my eyes and roll at random.
    (I rolled a 4 if I have to do that)
  • The die haphazardly rolls, striking @DrakeGladis in the face.

    Ignore your previous challenge until you complete this one.

    Your CHAOS challenge: Create a noncreature card with morph.
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