Just do as i say, and everything will be glorious! [Attention Challenge] {Judged}

Hello Everyone!
You thought i'd put a secret message in this contest? I said "other" for a reason ;)

It's time for another glorious attention challenge! Last time was simple, so i'm going to put on the pressure now. All you have to do is follow the rules!

Card Limit: 1
Card Type Restrictions: No Planeswalker or Enchantment
CMC Restriction: No less than 2 and no higher than 6
Color Restriction: No more than 3 mana type symbols of any combination in the cost (WUBRG & C Symbols)
Ex. 2WWB - Acceptable
1WWBB - Not acceptable
Art Restriction: No MTG Art.
Text Restriction: No more than 276 characters. Must utilize at least 1 mana symbol in the text.

Additional: I have distributed a secret message within my other contest(s), if you are the first to decode it, and comply in addition to the previous requirements, you will get 2 additional favorites.

Additional: Leave a link to a card you would like favored below your entry within the same post.

Deadline: Sept. 27, 2019

1st - 6 Favorites and a follow
2nd - 5 Favorites and a follow
3rd - 3 Favorites
HM - 2 favorites

Remember! All entries and the card you link will receive a favorite if you comply to the guidelines! Additional guidelines do not count against you.

Have fun and Happy Smithing!


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