Get Rustic (Peasant-Style)

Knights, Dragons, Kings, and Queens- They get all the attention and all the glory.. but it's the working class that makes up the heart and soul of any functioning kingdom.


After being inspired by The Clerical Heir challenge hosted by @Spookoops, I felt we needed a challenge focusing on the people that get the real work done- The Peasants. I encourage you to be realistic, inventive, and flavorful. I will be judging based off of balance, overall aesthetic (art choice, flavor-text, etc...), and syntactical correctness.

- Peasants can be in any color, as long as there is mechanical and flavor/aesthetic justification. Don't feel constrained by the miniscule amount of Peasants already in the game. This is a why open tribe with tons of design space. Get rustic.


One Rare Peasant
One Uncommon Peasant
One Common Peasant

*Up to one old card is allowed

**No more than one Legendary

***Cards do not have to share same color


*1st: Follow+Favorite on all your entries+3 cards of your choice.

*2nd: Follow+Favorite on all your entries+1 card of your choice.

3rd & 4th: Favorite on all your entries.

*If I already follow you, +1 favorite of your choice

Entry ends 3/25/20



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