The Majesty Of

A hummingbird hovers above a flowerhead, getting ready to indulge in the sweet nectar.
A bat soars, cutting through the summer night, devouring the insect blowing on the breeze.
An inventor steels his nerves, and pushes his winged vehicle off the driveway.

And It Flies.

It Flies.


Now that I have more or less completed my obligations, friends, romans, countrymen, I present to you a challenge that I've been wanting to do for the longest time.

With all the pomp and circumstance out of the way, idea behind the challenge itself is actually quite simple. It is to create a magic card that, in some way, works with the mechanic of flying, be it a flying creature, something that buffs them, or even something to get rid of them.
But alas, here comes the twist!

The card has to be interesting. Flyers, flyer lords and flyer hosers have all existed since time immemorial, so here I will ask you to bring something completely new to the table. How about all creatures with +1/+1 counters lose flying? Or you get to put a flying counter on something every time you take damage? You'll think of something, I know you.

The judging criteria are unorthodox, yet rigid. Here they are, ranked in the order of importance, from most to least.

- Innovation. How outside the box this card is.
- Aesthetics. It's a weird one, but I want to see some pretty windriders here. Pick the art well, and format your card carefully if you want to succeed.
- Balance. This card has to not be completely broken, neither should it be unusable. This also includes playing well with other cards - would I want to run something like this in a deck? This rule also brings with it the unfortunate exclusion of Un-cards.
- Polish. Genius lies in simplicity. Overcomplicated cards shall earn less points than something innovative, but in-head-fitable. This is, however, mostly a tiebreaker criterion, so I encourage you to make things on the more complex side of the scale, as long as it's not too much.

1st Place: A follow and five favourites of your choice. (6 if already follow).
2nd Place: A follow and four favourites of your choice. (5 if already follow).
3rd Place: Four favourites of your choice.

I will also pick a number of Honourable Mentions depending on the number of entries, each of whom will receive two favourites.

Provisional deadline is set at the 10th of May, but we'll see. We'll see.

Finally, old cards are welcome. Post away. Total number of entries is limited to 5.

Happy crying yourself to sleep because you don't have wings smithing!


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