A really bad idea

 so, this is more of a all or nothing card. i doubt it's even closed to balanced.


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    Yeah your card is not balanced but it's more of a card where if you win or if your opponent wins in a game that you played it no one feels they earned the win.
  • But you can't even play it because there's no mana cost. And if you pay all your life, you automatically die. Nothing on this card stops it.
  • @AboveAndAbout funny thing, it pays all your life and sets it to 1. so, you don't automatically die. You are just on the thin line of death.
  • @BT9154 is that a real card?
  • Makes me think of the Winged Dragon of Ra from Yugioh,  except MUCH more useful. I really like it :)
  • Considering the state of creatures because of commander, I'd only rank it as upper end of OP but feasible, the irony being because no mana colors, it could not be your commander. Relegated to a constructed format. 

    Being an Artifact too is more of an upside than downside because it's Hexproof, so it's harder to remove it, but easier to tutor or otherwise get out as a spell.

    I personally like it as it creates a rock, paper, scissor situation and color pie relevant. Play literally any burn, and it's an easy win. Otherwise you're going to be planning around it. Blue could probably bounce it without targeting thus making it useless and you did all the burning for them, so it's own ally colors do it in.
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