Hey, all! This will be the last discussion for a while, posted two in a row here! 

Welcome to Cardsmotify! Spotify for cardsmiths! The point of this discussion is to create a 'Cardsmotify' page on the same bases as a Spotify page! Here is the format:


Cardsmotify Name**

Popular***                           Number of Favourites

1. CARDNAME                              NUMBER                      
2. CARDNAME                              NUMBER
3. CARDNAME                              NUMBER
4. CARDNAME                              NUMBER
5. CARDNAME                              NUMBER


Popular Collections (Optional) *****

Number of overall favourites******

*Insert image here. Prefferably your forums profile image. 
**Choose cardsmotify name. Prefferably your account's name or a shortened version of it.
***Top five most popular cards in order. Please embed the link to the card's page. Next to it, insert the number of favourites the card has received.
****When you make a card, it does not have to be part of a single, EP, or album. But if you wish to make one, create a set on your profile page. If you made a single called Howl, then the set would be called Howl - Single.  Do the same for EP and Album. If you make a one, post it your Cardsmotify page.
*****If you see a set, album, or extended play you really like, you can post a reaction. This is how you post it:
{Album/Set/Ep name} {Artist name} {Reaction name}
There are _ different reactions:
#thumbs-up, :), <3 and #WOW.
Post your releases with the most reactions in this section.
******Overall favourites are the combined amount of favourites of cards you own with four or more favourites on them. If you have no cards with four or more favourites on them, then score one overall favourite for each card you own with at least on favourite on it. 

Everybody have fun!


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