Anime Based Sets

I've been trying to find others like me who want to turn iconic anime series into usable (or atleast fun and lore friendly) magic sets to play against each other. Post your ideas for mechanics, shows, or anything that might help others get into this grove.


  • After I finish my Corrinella block, one of the two one set blocks I plan on making is based on Honkai Impact 3rd/ Honkai Gakuren (Gun Girl Z)
  • I've Debated trying to do something similar to this with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Particularly when stands become a thing and onwards). The overarching idea likely being stands as auras (But with some Distinct difference as to make them unique). with legendary tribal also playing a huge part.
  • anime based magic sets are also hard because filling in common and uncommon slots becomes an issue once all main characters and events have been translated.  It is at that point that I would advise finding things that fit into the world or in the case of JOJO you could use everyday people as common and uncommon creatures.
  • I mean, some main (or at least named) characters could be put into uncommon slots, a little like the student cycle from Strixhaven.
  • true, but I;m a stickler for pre-Dominaria legendary treatment, aka legendaries in rare and mythic slots only, although I do have an uncommon legendary cycle in my Battle for freedom set for my Earth block which are based on historical plane pilots.
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