Halfbreeds - Just for Fun

Hey, welcome to my first contest. In this contest, the rules are simple. Create a card that combines two completely different tribes. For example, Werewolf and Kor.

What makes a good card: the card should be made up of two tribes that have two contradicting playstyles (I would prefer if they don't share a color). The card should be unique and inventive and include gimmicks from the tribe. It should be realistic and balanced. Any joke cards will be ignored.

All entries will be graded based on:

Creativity (20 Points)
Balance (15 Points)
Flavor (10 Points)
Spelling and Grammar (5 Points)

1st-3rd Place get a favorite and a follow

You may submit 3 entries (all must be new, which is after 4/22/19) and the deadline is 5/15/19.

I have a feeling no one is going to join.


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