Ever wanted to make your own set, then play it both in a limited and a constructed environment?



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    @Inferno390 - You can't import other cards into MTGCardsmith, if that's what you're wondering. If you want to know about untap.in look at this
  • Personally, I would highly suggest an Infiltrate theme...
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    Wow! 59 favorites! I guess nobody cared how totally broken that one was. XD
  • @Faiths_Guide, I agree, but it is a really cool idea. Infiltrate is in my opinion, one of the coolest mechanics ever designed on MTGcardsmith. Whaddya think about a Dimir Infiltrate subtheme?
  • @Gelectrode
    I absolutely love "Infiltrate"! Dimir Infiltrate subtheme for the win!
  • ...maybe cards that penalize your opponents if they control permanents you own?
  • Still lookin' for more collaborators.
  • @grimshac I would be more than happy to help but I tryed it before and it got to confusing so if you want feel free to use anything from my collection. I'm taking a little break to come up with ideas but I should be uploading in a few days again.
  • How do you add cards to UnTap?
  • As much as I would love to do this, I just don't have enough time. This is going to be a super busy summer for me. I'll still be frequenting this site (especially now with the available hybrid borders, woohoo!), but I can't commit to this unfortunately. Best of luck to you all! :D
  • Extremely interested in working on this!
  • Still looking for more people for the project - If there's anything that we've learned as of late, it's that another set of eyes will always be welcome. Even if you don't have a lot of time to stop by, just being able to display cards to people and get instant response is extremely valuable.
  • Bump, and I volunteer
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    I am SOOOO incredibly down for this "actual limited set" thing. Drafting is basically the only organized form of magic I play. I must caution you, however, as I cannot guarantee I will stick through to the end. I'm commited, but I can't promise. My main strengths are art gathering and flavorful commons. Take what you want from my "Mercenaries" set, that's where most of my serious work is. I can probably commit an hour a day. Is that okay? You can PM me, Grimshac, if you wanna talk. I do have discord if you want that as well. For the next month, I'll be on a trip, but I will have internet access so 1 hour a day is still doable.
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    If you guys tune in over at Discord: https://discord.gg/ENf2Y (if you need a new link let me know), we will figure things out. I'm there most of the day. If i am not there, I am sleeping. Otherwise, You'll be find me there :P
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    This looks really cool and I am eager to see the set develop! I fancy myself something of an art gathering expert, so maybe I can help that way? I don't know.
  • @MrRansom

    Long time no see, buddy!

    Visit us on Discord: https://discord.gg/KJN2X and say hi when you have some time :)
  • @Grimshac I'd love to help, but I'm not sure how much time I can put in, especially with the school year coming up.
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    I probably can't work much, but I can help.
  • As a user of untap, do not post the cards in mtg section. Post them in the custom card game section. Have been in an awkward game where someone was using a fake card unknowingly
  • @SpiritDragon - I believe this thread has been inactive for quite a while.
    @brcien - You are so right! ANY custom cards we make on MTGCardsmith should be in the Custom category if you add them to untap.in!
  • Reliable, readily available, enthusiastic to play, knowledgeable with game mechanics, along with lore. Hoping to become a helpful member to the team.
  • :::facepalm:::
  • This died a while ago. I know, because I was part of the project.

    Is it possible to close this?
  • Yes it is!
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