Ever wanted to make your own set, then play it both in a limited and a constructed environment?

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With a very long summer vacation approaching me, I would love to embark on a journey with some Cardsmiths and make a set.
Now, what's with the title? Well, recently, @Corwinnn called attention to the site Untap - Here you can, on your BROWSER, play with custom decks, as if you were playing it table-top. Or play regular magic decks for that sake, but... well, that's less exciting :P

On top of that, @Cryptonight and I figured out a way we can DRAFT the set! This opens us up to doing "Magic the Gathering: Cardsmith" drafts and in-house tourneys. And sealed decks! And block constructed! Aaaah! It's all very exciting! Over at the website WebDrafter you can read more about drafting online with your own sets.

I am looking to make a set that kicks a*s in a limited environment. As such, I need people that are willing to go that extra mile to playtest and such. With the resources available to us, playtesting will be close to hassle-free.

We're looking to make a set around the same set criteria as SoI - One big set first, then a slightly smaller second one, but only two sets in total. Lessens the workload a bit. This means, initially, about 300 cards, though that includes reprints and basic lands.

If anyone is interested in working with me on this, shoot me a message. Before you do, think it over for a bit. This is going to require some activity and I can't use folks who leave in the middle, as that would make me a sad panda :(
Playtesting at least twice a week and almost daily activity on card creation and/or general input on the cards will be a huge merit. Being able to come talk to me and the others on TS/Discord/Whatever Voice program would also be a huge boon, but not strictly required this time around.

I will handle the administration duties, and what I really need from the people looking to join is a lot of energy to work on this! Drafting one's own sets is absolutely great - I have done a few times in paper - and trust me when I say that you will not regret putting time into this.

While everyone will contribute to the card creation, people who may wish to run R&D and such are most welcome. @Cryptonight will join in on the development process and help us get our wording and rules right ;)
Art gathering experts are valued. Do any such people exist :P?

I am willing to do almost anything with the set, as long as we agree on it. Multicolor set, wedge set, monocolor-matters, enchantments-matter, keywords-matter, All-red-Bled - Name it, sign me up, we'll do it.

Msg me and we can talk things over. Everyone are welcome to apply. I might task you with more/less work depending on your former experience and such, since I can only really judge people's ability on the things I have to work with, aka the cards you make and the interactions I have had with you :)

Anyone who wishes can almost always reach me at on my email "Christian.cc2@gmail.com" or on this TS server: "server.fustarmy.net" (Password is "050394") under the name "Athen".


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