Where Myths collide Set

Since amunkhet is themed after ancient Egypt, Innastrad was Slavic, and theros was ancient Greece/Rome why not make a set that encompasses all of mythology. Norse, Greek/roman, Egyptian, Slavic, Indonesian, Asian, south American, and Native American. please no remake cards from magic the gathering. Custom mechanics are welcome and encouraged


  • What do you have to start with?
  • I'd also change the name of this thread to...

    Mythology Clash Set

    ...or something similar, just to make it stand out!
  • here is an example of a card Custom mechanics are welcome https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/alucard-the-first-vampire
  • I can't understand the ability, it's spam filled with text. Not to be offending.
  • I'll Fix that and post what the ability does seperately
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    Hopefully this is close to what you're looking for, in reference to the card you just posted!

    Alucard, The first Vampire
    (3BBBB) Legendary Creature - Vampire Advisor
    Alucard, The first Vampire's base power and toughness are equal to three plus the amount of other Vampire creatures you control.

    Other creatures you control are vampires in addition to their other types and have Phase (If this creature would die, instead exile it. At the beginning of your upkeep, return each Vampire exiled this way to the battlefield.)
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    Phase ( if this creature would die exile it instead at the beginning of your upkeep all vampire cards exiled this way return to the battle field with a +1/+1 counter for each time this happens) https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/alucard-the-first-vampire-1
  • so basically all cards have to fit as close to the original myth as possible in name but other than that have fun
  • here are a couple of mechanics I came up with
    1. Loot (When a Pirate Creature deals damage You gain 1 life, draw 1 card, and place 1 +1/+1 Counter on each Pirate Creature you control.)
    2 . Plunder (When a Pirate Creature deals damage Your Opponent loses 1 life, Discards 1 card, Destroy 1 land they control, and Destroy 1 Artifact they control)
  • Both abilities feel OP and more than a bit forced.

    I'd focus on things less extreme, but more interesting.
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    Here's an idea perhaps.

    Loot (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, up to one target land that player controls doesn't untap during their next untap step, then you may create an artifact token named Gold with "Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.")

    This way it feels like you're stealing their resources. You only have to put the reminder text on lower rarity cards as a reminder to players.
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    I love it, the mechanic I was going for was op but I couldn't really think of another way for the theme so thank you so much, but what about plunder?
  • I'd have to think it over since I'm assuming you want it to feel Pirate themed. Perhaps it could be an ability that steals artifacts under a specific condition.
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    Now the link leads to the remade card @Faiths_Guide helped me with
  • love the card now that's what I'm talking about!
  • image
    Cool Aztec Fantasy art is hard to find for me XD
  • so true but when you do find it it just blows your mind
  • beautiful
  • nice it certainly is a new twist on some very popular mythological creatures
  • @Faiths_Guide Nice one! Back from vacation, I spent with my family, so I can take are of my card and remake it with all the hints you gave me.
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    It's from a Native American myth.
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    Let's toss in some Hinduism
  • Here's another idea I had. You might like it as well.

  • all are amazing
  • its closed
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