Tri-Coloured Planeswalkers!!

Hello again! Today I'm starting a new contest, which will be a revival of my biweekly themed Planeswalker contests. For this contest, the theme will be planeswalkers that cost three or more colours of mana to cast. Each participant will be allowed up to 3 entries, and I ask that those entries be new cards (and definitely no joke cards). As is a staple of my planeswalker contests, any lore you include with each submisison will get you up to 2 extra points, based on complexity and realisticness; however, be aware that a badly made or balanced card with the best lore I've ever seen will not beat a far better, more balanced card. Here is how the normal judging will work:

3 points - Balance
1 point - Grammar and formatting (use uppercase letters, commas, etc. when appropriate, and format the card to look real)
2 points - Ability colour accuracy (for example, red cards shouldn't allow you to scry, and blue cards most likely won't be giving creatures +5/+5 and trample)

Help your fellow Smithers balance or fix their cards if they wish; edits are allowed. Judging will be in one week on November 17th, unless I get fewer that 10 entries. The winners will recieve the following:

1st Place - 6 favorites and a follow (or 8 favorites if I already follow you).
2nd Place - 4 favorites and a follow (or 5 favorites if I already follow you).
3rd Place - 3 favorites.
Honorable Mention: 1 favorite.

The winners can choose which cards for me to favorite. If you have any questions, tag me using @LordWolffeIII, not @Lord-Wolffe-III. Good luck!


  • @Lord-Wolffe-III
    It's too bad they haven't released 3+ color borders yet for any card type. That would be amazing if they did.
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    Sorry I could not find art, (hard to find any art of rap not in a city, making a new plane.), but here is new Ral Zarek because he works for Bolas now
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    Seems like it has relatively no effect for its casting cost.

    As such, you could easily alter the card or just remove some colorless from the casting cost.
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    @modnation675 I wish 3 coloured borders were a thing! I doubt we will ever see anything last that though, as it would probably become too difficult to distinguish the colours, and it would be an expensive detail to print.

    @SenCousins, nice card! I found some art, if you want it. I looked for minimal cityscape in the background.

  • I am slightly annoyed my project has less comments then a discussion posted one minute ago... T_T
  • But I will compete nonetheless
  • @Ranshi922, this contest began 3 days ago...
  • Then I have completely forgotten how the formatting on this site works. @o@
  • No problem, it happens to the best of us! XD
  • @Lord-Wolffe-111 I said I was looking for out with out a city in the background, but thank your for the help.
  • Sorry i did not read the comment just look at the art :)
  • imageimage

    It's no longer rare to see a planeswalker transform into another form of itself or a creature transform into a planeswalker, but this is the first planeswalker to turn into a creature, so I had to show both sides, even if the creature side is no longer triple-colored...
  • image

    *Backstory* In a ritual of the Kintree, the followers of the ancient ways managed to merge the Anafenza of the original timeline with the current spirit version. Upon doing so she emerged as a Planeswalker, and will set out to revive the old ways on Tarkir and all other planes she finds herself on.
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    @Credius and @lastjustice, nice cards!!

    Additionally, the judging date will be extended to next Wednesday, the 22nd.
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    Btw, what happened to your mechanics contest?
    Also did you see this? :D
  • @LordWolffeIII - I'll enter when I get the moment!
  • Sorry, I can't seem to find how to post directly the image, so here's the link: (if you want to put it as a reply for it to appear on the forum page, feel free to do so, it would be nice of you).

    Also, for the lore, Tezzerea is a teenager that worshiped Tezzeret for a long time, before he became the Agent of Bolas. Now she wants to purify artifacts, and take back Tezzeret's (the friendly one) work.
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    I had to be quite inventive with the formatting to get all the words to fit but the concept still holds.

    I was originally going to make this planeswalker for my second set but since I already had an idea and saw this contest I thought why not?

    The shortened lore is that Lucin was the last child of the Eternal Emperor Maltis, and with nine siblings in their adult years (most in their hundreds) he decided to strike out into the wider world to expand his influence in the Empire's frontiers and beyond. Along the way, he saw the harsh reality of his father's rule, discovered the secret to the imperial bloodline's effective immortality, and found out that his father was planning to use the appearance of an ancient artifact known as the Cradle to extend his rule to the whole world and become truly Eternal. Lucin plotted to end his father's reign and intercepted him at the Cradle, but its power was activated by another - igniting Lucin's spark. He quickly returned to Belenon, however, as a reborn God decided that he would be the perfect conduit to the mortal world.
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    I changed its color.
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    Now we have 10 entries!
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    I'm not sure if it is too late to enter, but if it is not, above is my entry

    Also, for the lore: Duoter was originally a dragon of good. She would fly in the skies above helping out the forces of good on the ground and in the air. She was in the force of Merlin, trying to destroy the evil that lurked in this world. Then, during her campaign to take out the final line of defense for evil, she ran into Morgana. Morgana promised her infinite power if she would join her side. Duoter then had a very hard decision to make - stay with the forces of good or join the forces of evil. This conflict was so difficult that internally, she was split into two different parts - evil and good. This conflict still rages within her to this day, and soon, she will be forced to make a choice or perish due to the difficulty that will come from this conflict
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    Thirty-seven years ago, a half-elf named Nyad Sasserein was born. In his home plane of Yyanos, the half-elf was raised with a mix of elvish and humanity's cultures, much to the disdain of the High Elves of the Royal Dominion. Though they never fell to war, there was consistent political disputes between the elves of the Dominion, and the humans in the neighboring province of Rorinak. Always searching for peace in his land, Nyad grew to become extremely intelligent; he focused his efforts on political science, communications, diplomacy, and military strategy.

    Eventually, despite his mixed blood, higher-ups on both sides grew to trust Nyad and he became an official mediator for both Provinces. As a result, they soon found themselves in an era of reconciliation and peace like they hadn't seen in a long while.

    The alliance between the Dominion and Rorinak was further cemented after a wild tribe of rogue goblins attacked a local elvish village. The village was overrun with mass casualties, not soon before a combined effort of Elvish and Rorinak forces - led by Nyad - defeated the Goblin enemies. Nyad was considered a hero.

    Then, the Black Virus came. Nearly a decade after the Goblin invasion, a strange, black sickness plagued the people of the Dominion and Rorinak alike. Their crops and livestock were dying; some citizens found giant ulcers to have formed; and a noxious, black gas had fallen over the atmosphere. The source of this disaster was eventually traced to the swamps of Grath - a barren, independent corner of Yyanos where shamans and psychotic magicians were rumored to call home. Nyad knew what he must do. He traveled alone, despite his colleagues warnings, to Grath.

    Brave and strong, Nyad found the source of the sickness - an evil witchdoctor by the name of Nomoir, who cast a spell that seeped into the rivers that spread all throughout Yyanos. This led Nyad to believe that not only the Dominion and Rorinak were at stake, but the health of the entirety of Yyanos. Nyad ambushed Nomoir and demanded he reverse his spell.

    The young half-elf underestimated his enemy, however, and soon Nomoir controlled Nyad like a puppet with what seemed like shockingly little effort. Realizing the danger of the situation, Nyad made one final, desperate plea - his life for the life of the people of Yyanos. Nomoir thought on this offer, and eventually agreed - Nyad was a name made famous, that even the shamans of Grath had learned of. Such a ferocious power could not be turned down.

    Nomoir reversed his spell, saving the people of Yyanos from certain death, but not seconds before fully possessing Nyad, fusing his soul with his own. The hideous abomination that remained - while having the physical resemblance of Nyad, was nothing of the sort. Nomoir remained mostly in control, and with the physical prowess of Nyad's body, combined with his own arcane abilities, became a villain of supreme evil.

    Today, the Nomoir-Nyad hybrid, known by the people of Yyanos as Nyad, the Possessed, stands as a force for evil, causing a decades-long war that continues to this very day. The people of Yyanos will never truly know what happened that day in Grath, though they rightly assume Nyad gave his life for theirs. They continue to fight the good fight, and hope that one day the Nyad they knew and loved might return.
  • @LordWolffeIII - Could you please keep the contest open for entries for a little while? I would like to enter but my entry is still unfinished.
  • @TenebrisNemo I can extend the contest. Will Friday be enough time for you?
  • @LordWolffeIII - Yes. Thank you for understanding!
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    Once upon a time on the mighty plane of Dagthar, past the mountains of Torakass and through the waters of The Azure Expanse lay the castle of Queen Koli. Her court was one of peace and a place where many people came to live in the safety it's walls offered. At it's height it was a bustling metropolis of trade and equality, all of which was overseen by the queen's personal bodyguard Martinex. Martinex was an elf from the Moali Forest and one of the greatest swordsman in all the planes. They say his speed with a blade is matched only by that of a Storm Crow. One one dark day the demon races began to invade all of Dagthar igniting a civil war between the four tribes that call the plane home, Queen Koli's court soon became packed with citizens and refugees. Order was maintained until the demon assassin Screed, in a desperate bid to prove her loyalty to the Demon Lords made an attempt on the queen's life. Martinex engaged her but in the end Screed turned out to be the distraction. Koli lying dead in his arms and with demons swarming the gates Martinex's spark ignited sending him hurling through the planes and landing him on Dominaria. Now Martinex hops from plane to plane hoping to return to the plane that was taken from him and to restore glory to Koli's court. Martinex tries to do as much good as he can along the way and will often take years of his life to lend a hand during planar struggles.
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