Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)



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    @Jonteman93 honestly this is one of the best competitions ever created, great idea and I'd love to see it return as there is only one winner, and it will be a hard road to the top for all of us!

    Congrats on your win @Gelectrode

    Beq and Neora are up next! (This is the most fun I've had with magic since getting my first mythic-rare)

    Seeing R5-T1 and Corscine in combat was an interesting ordeal for Beq.
    For the first time in her life, Beq felt something: trepidation. Knowing that her opponent's were as capable as such, this ability being displayed in the brutal ordeal that was previously shown to the eager crowd, it almost scared her.

    Her match was next. Neora wasn't going to go easy. Anything could happen.

    No, wait. No, no, no. Anything couldn't happen.

    Beq was going to win.

    And she knew in her heart that she was going to win, or she was going to die trying. Since the beginning of her grand discovery of her geomancy powers, something had been building up inside of her, something which was unexplainably GOING to happen, something which couldn't be stopped by this match or any other match.

    She was going to win because she had to. Beq was going to win because she had already won with herself. She had trained, day and night, in order to refine her geomancy skills to the finest. She had beaten every gang of thugs that had come her way in the harsh Amonkhet deserts.

    Beq had geomancy. Beq had combat skills.
    She had resolve. She had confidence.

    And she knew that no tournament was going to stand in her way.
  • @Baron-777 Contestants are allowed to use the whole arena, that includes areas between the "ring" and the audience. The two other arenas however are not constructed as arenas. The forest one is more or less just a small forest at a cliff with a quarry. The third one is some old abandoned houses at the side of a river.
    Which arena that should be used is based on the contestants skill and abilities.
    The boundaries of these will be clear when they are used.

    @Swegboss12 I am very happy that you like it! :)

    I don't know yet how much time i will be able to offer but at least one match will be played today. Match 2 between Beq and Neora.
    Just like yesterday I will notify you some hours before. (the writing takes time though.)
  • The time is drawing near. Beq winds her training cloths around her hands. She prepares her feet this way too, then starts going through the customary stretches and routines. She's ready to go. And her geomancy has never been in better form. Bring it on Neora!
  • I was gone for two days and you expect me to read all these posts in this thread so I can keep up with the roleplay?
  • Yes, pretty much.
  • Tiamat eats ice cream.
  • Tiamat is wise.
  • Icecream: the ideal murder weapon.
  • Tiamat eats ice cream.
    Jahanacicus is confused.
    Jahanacicus jumps into a barrel.
    Tiamat throws the barrel into the ocean
    Tiamat wins!
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    @TenebrisNemo You don't need to read everything.

    In short what have happened:
    The contestants have arrived in Legorna and been placed into their respectively match setup.
    Nathan have talked about a contestant that went on a killing spree during last years tournament.
    Tiamat and Radhe "sabotaged" Jahanacicus ice cream so it got the taste of dragon fruit.
    The fight between Prototype R5-T1 and Corscine have concluded with victory for Prototype R5-T1.
    During the match a pale man with a cloak appeared. some powerful mind wizard that played with Mishra's and specially Jahanacicus' mind.
    If you should read anything it is probably the two posts about the first match.
    Otherwise there is nothing super game breaking that have happened. so far.
  • The dragonfruit bit is particularly important.
  • @Jonteman93 - Alright. Thanks for telling me. I would like to read (and I will read at some point) and post something, but I'm too busy right now. I still have to post the winners from the circus!
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    Foolish @Jonteman93 ! I am spawn of an ethereal god, twice strong as a man, trice as wise and able to use otherworldly magic. How does a little girl, albeit an avatar of dragons, put me in a barrel and throw me in the ocean?

    Jahanacicus was reflecting on the battle that finished a day ago. He influenced the machine of the Izzet, but he fears, as he could have created a monster. Should he take off the ethereal magic? That would be heartbreaking, as this machine is truly a masterpiece. He decided on only doing it if he came up against the gearhulk.
  • @HeroKP with the power of ice cream.
    ice cream > any god i can think of.

    A message:
    "The battle between Beq, Geomancer Extraordinaire and Neora, Pathless Scoundrel will begin in a little more than three hours. The battle will take place in the Trogon forest. Don't be late."

    @Gelectrode @Timmeh7o7
  • I want to know who is an easier kill, so I can root for them...

    At battle: Lets go Mincemeat! Woot! Woot!
  • This looks like it'll be in Beq's favor due to hes a Geomancer but it could turn to neoras victory we'll see
  • Mishra tossed in his sleep. Assembly-Workers straightened, then relaxed.
  • As I stalk my prey to assess their weakness I start to lift jewelry from passerbys on their way to the next fight...I also may have killed a few people, for some high payrolls
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    A forest!

    Radhe's mind was buzzing ever since the announcement. She wished she, too, could be granted such a luxury. To fight amidst the might of the trees. She'd be unstoppable!

    She was silently pleased that the robot won the earlier duel. Partly because she was rooting for it earlier, and partly because she knew that she could take down such human-crafted objects with ease. Nature cared not for artifice.
  • Plans to observe the coming battle were forgone when Rakdos cultists stole R5-T4's head. Plans to find it are underway.
  • I thinkit would be really cool if whoever won hosted the next tournament of the reactivation challenge for the winners.
    That way we can keep doing tourneys because this is a lot of fun
  • Like this a very innovative idea for a competition thx for hosting so far
  • Bafae starts to wonder what crippled could do to her, but then realizes she shouldnt get over confident. She is now studying how he makes the machines, the machines weakness, and the fastest way to get to Mishra to strike a blow.
  • As the time for the second match approaches, Leandra departs from the library, carrying the notes she'd recorded with her for later review.
  • Messing with people's heads was fun. This time, he gave his favor to the assasin, due to their common nature, though he could see great potential in the geomancer too. Neora lay sedated on the floor, as Jahanacicus worked on this piece of art. This was a bit of simpler magic, a shielding glyph. This is a one-time spell activated when about to face physical damage. Not a huge advantage, but still one that gives that assasin the upper hand. "I wonder if I could charge competitors for giving them upgrades?" he said slyly, as he left the room.
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    @Mrbobblehead thats a nice card but let me show mine and its balanced (unless i'm missing something)image
  • Neora: *Sharpens his sword, latching up his smoke bombs, his eyes surveying the area around him for anyone who might want him to loss his match before it even began as well as for anything people wouldn't miss.*

    "Geomancer. A school of magic not often seen in Ravnica... wonder if this guy is the tricky kind or the throw mountains at everyone kind. Either way, best thing to do is keep on my toes and in the air as much as I can."

    Peering up at the clock and thinks to himself, "nearly 3 hours till my fight... more then enough time to head out and grab a beer, a pretty lady, and whatever isn't nailed down."
  • Jahanacicus had made a blunder in leaving so obviously. Sure he glanced side to side before exiting the building, but the construct assigned as his shadow for the day had perched above the door on a protruding roof beam. Those that "fool" others tend to be the easiest to fool since they're always wantonly putting themselves in compromising positions.

    After Jahanacicus left down the street, the Assembly-Worker lightly dropped from the rafter and entered the building. It took note of Neora's condition, and the glyph glow that hadn't worn off yet, and left without disturbing anything. Mishra would prefer the worker bring him this information rather than continue to follow the assassin.
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