The Power of Music **Circuit Challenge**

In this challenge, I want to see some music themed cards!


Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

Any card types are allowed.
Only new cards.
Limit of 5 entries max per person. (Edited)
You can edit/switch your cards as many times as you want before the due date.

Deadline in 2 weeks: February 1

Top 3 winning cards will get a -TROPHY- and added to -HALL OF FAME-
1st place - 1 Circuit Point
2nd place - 3/4 Circuit Point
3rd place - 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mentions - 1/4 Circuit Point


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    Edit: Removed comment.
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    Welcome the Rat tribal. XD (Once we collect enough artwork, we'll convert some of our old cards to Rats.)
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    That's a very interesting card, but the challenge is not about making cards inspired by music. Card must have something to do with music. It can be about song(like Glorious Anthem), or musical instrument(artifact), or performer, composer, place for concert,,, something like that.
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  • When I found this artwork online, I knew it was perfect.

    The Theros gods decided to form a band! I think you'll find the abilities are similar to the originals except music related!


    Problem is, there's five gods and only four entries. I'm thinking of tossing out either Heliod or Nylea as the Trumpet and the Trombone are similar instruments. However, there were tons more images similar to these on the internet so thanks to this contest I've been inspired to go and make more, including all the associated Instrument artifacts and such.

    @Tomigon what do you think? These won't be my final entries as when I go along making more I might replace some.
  • Thanks for your entries!

    Lol! Those are amazing images!
    I edited the limit to 5 so that people can make a cycle if they want. But if you're going to make more, you have to replace some. Sorry!
  • @Tomigon thanks! I think I'll make more anyway but not enter all of them in.
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    @Tomigon So joke cards are allowed apparently.

    Gonna post some ugandan knuckles music themed cards then.
  • If "joke" cards are allowed, would pokemon stuff be allowed
  • @Tomigon

    Is the focus of this contest supposed to be the Musicians or the Music itself? Can we do cards based on our favorite songs?

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    @Swegboss12, excellent work!

    My musical entry evokes much nostalga in me...

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    @sanjaya666, @DoctorFro
    I don't think Swegboss12's god cards are joke cards though. lol.
    As long as the cards are playable in MtG rule, those are ok. You can make meme or pokemon stuff, but presentation and flavor are also included in the criteria of this challenge. If I see the card and think "not so many people would understand what this card is about or why this is funny", that card probably won't win.

    The focus of this contest supposed to be everything about music in MtG world. Wizard musician, magical song, cursed instruments, or anything that has something to do with music. So, making cards based on our favorite songs isn't what we do in this contest. Sorry!

    You should keep your eyes open for @modnation675's thread btw!
  • @Tomigon Mechanically? Probably not.

    But seriously, those are musical instrument wielding gods. By using photoshopped real arts. Friggin smh.
  • @Tomigon By that rule then silver bordered cards are allowed then.
  • image

    Everyone has a final song.
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  • image

    This one is a bit more nuanced, and the 'music' isn't immediately noticeable. This is more about sequences and progressions in music. Sorry for the wall of text.
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  • Yay!
    Jubilife City!
  • @sanjaya666 i kind of understand what you're saying, but usually joke cards are a solitary thing which are not always relevant to the contest. I just found this wonderful idea that the gods would be in a band and then used it. The fact that I've put the time and effort in to make 5 of them and also will be following up with the respective artifacts and such makes a difference to what the cards purpose is.

    But I do understand that it would be a bit of a let down if a contest had cards like these winning (Not that these ones would), so if I have time I'll keep one of the gods and follow them up with some more solid entries.

    Thanks for the feedback, and honestly this is the most interest any of my cards have generated.
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    Thought this would be a cool concept for centaurs:
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    Alright here are my 5 entry .
    I have to say finding art was very hard for this challenge. I am not entirely satisfied with these entries but for now it'll do.


  • Nice cards so far everyone!
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    Got some ideas ;)

    Here's a couple old ones that I rather liked:
    image image
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