Would the following be interesting? (We need your input!)

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself got back into cardsmithing and am wondering if any of you fellow cardsmiths would be interested in a contest with the prize being a booster box of the following set listed below! (Note: This is an upcoming set of MTG and is stated to be coming on the following month and are subject to change.)

Proposed Set:
Theros: Beyond Death, coming January 2020.


Please leave a comment below if this is desireable, or if you'd prefer something else!

Thanks for reading, Mercy (Aka. murkletins)



  • Idea for the contest is being planned currently, but is open to discussion!
  • A prize of real cards would be cool, but the part in which you actually get it might be difficult..
  • @KorandAngels
    What do you mean by that? Myself was planning on shipping it through mtgcardsmith officially, if the contest proposal is favored by the community.

    Do you mean most people wouldn't be comfortable with getting the package shipped to them?
  • People would need to post their address.
  • In private to mtgcardsmith, who doesn't share that information. But that's the only point I thought of.

    If someone isn't comfortable getting it shipped to them, myself recommend not entering. (Such reasons could be their family is uncomfortable with it shipped to their residence.)

    We understand if someone is uncomfortable with that idea, myself just wanted to offer some booster packs to those who otherwise might not be able to purchase them.
  • I'm excited for Theros. Theros block was when I first started learning MtG.
  • Yeah, it's the set that released one of my favorite card borders.
  • Yes yes and yes.
  • Sure, @murkletins I would be down for that.
  • I'd be game for it. You host great contests.
  • I'm down. I trust you to create fun contests!
  • That would be pretty cool!
  • Well, it seems this is a resounding success of a poll for the prize of the proposed contest. So myself am going to be theorycrafting the most unique contest theme.

    Then will make a post about it.
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    You can just get it shipped to a local UPS or something? I'm in if that's a possibility.
  • That also works, as long as you know when to pick it up. So yeah. Nice suggestion.
  • This seems exciting, can't wait to see what great contest will have this glorious prize!
  • So much yes.
  • That would be awesome @murkletins
  • It'll be exciting for others cardsmiths , but I'm an international guy , so I'm sure I can't have these.
  • Looking into international shipping solutions when myself message mtgcardsmith. So stay tuned as it may happen.
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