Ravnica Guilds, Which Guild are you? Guild will win? (Closed)

Here is a link to a really good guild test. Before you post cards take the test. Please do not pick answers based on a certain guild, but on your true opinion.

After you have taken the test you may post up to three cards for that guild. No old cards.

The guilds are warring, your cards are their only hope to overcome their rivals. At the end one guild will come out on top.

Guilds will be judged on diversity of card type and rarity. Balance and proper wording are very important. You may edit any card you post until I close it for judging. I would prefer if you use non-mtg art, but it is fine if you do.

The deadline is in three weeks.

The prize for the winning guild will be that I will favorite every card posted for the competition for that guild.

Happy Smithing! :)


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