Ravnica Guilds, Which Guild are you? Guild will win? (Closed)



  • Yea about that Boros is red-white if you got Boros, I apologize for being a stickler, but it has to be red/white
  • I am a member of the Azorious Senate.
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    I know you said no old cards, but I made this guy a while back and he just screams to go with Borborygmos Enraged
  • I remember him
  • Oh yea, you can rewrite the guild, and make a new leader if you want to
  • I'm just sitting here. Pay me taxes
  • I took the test!

    Even though my preferred playstyle is mainstream Izzet, I was expecting to get a personality of something like Simic or Selesnya, and I got Selesnya!
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    Another Gruul card
  • @Swegboss12, Welcome to the Conclave, my friend! :-D
  • This is my view of the color philosophy of the guilds if you need ideas.
    Azorius (UW): The Azorius want everyone to be equal, no matter what. They put in place laws and rules to make sure no one is above another.
    Dimir (UB): They believe that knowledge is power. The more knowledge they have, the more that benefits themselves. They sneak around and spy in order to gain more knowledge of people, and then use that to their own whims.
    Rakdos (RB): These guys just want to do what ever pleases them. They find fun in the moment. They are ambitious and passionate, and you can relate them in a way to teenagers (mood swings, trying new things, such as tragic hair styles).
    Gruul (RG): The Gruul believe that civilization is evil, and that the natural order of predator and prey must be maintained. They are wild and unpredictable (not like the Izzet, those guys but a whole new meaning in unpredictable).
    Selesnya (GW): These guys believe that everyone in created equal and should stay equal. They believe in community, and want lots of things on their side, such as awakened shrubberies.
    Boros (WR): These folks believe that law must be maintained and that no one individual should be more powerful than another. But this law must be maintained at all costs, and they are sometimes brash and radical to maintain it. When they fight, they fight in an army.
    Izzet (UR): Are totally awesome and are the best thing ever introduced into the game. But, truly, they are all about research. They want knowledge, but it has to be exiting. They want their experiments to blow stuff up and to crazy things. In battle, they are about the same. They are like Timmy in the sense that they are all about living in the moment.
    Simic (UG): These guys sorted themselves out like this...
    Green - I like nature.
    Blue - Nature is horrible.
    Green - Well then what to you like.
    Blue - Knowledge and changing things.
    Green - What if we changed nature?
    Golgari (GB): These guys are all about the cycle of life, and that death comes from life. They are the maggots and scavengers (I'm not trying to be rude) of the world. Cleaning up and recycling. These guys are really just Ecocycle
    Orzhov (WB): In their opinion, everything has to be equal, except them. They rule as dictators in a way, making everyone below them. Those people are still equal, but just not the one person.

    Well, I hope you found that useful!!!!
  • https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Orzhov_Syndicate For all my fellow Syndicate brothers and sisters out there.
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    @DoctorFro nice contest by the way!

    @captain_Pugsley tis' an honour to be part of the conclave! Looking forward to seeing two more cards from you! Us Selesnyans need to stick together, so here's my three entries right off the dot:

    They are all meant to work together and with convoke tapping and populate.


    May the best guild *cough*Selesyna*cough* win!
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    A few things, note I am correcting misuse not advising, lands are colorless unless soecified so it should be forest or plains and on abilities it is mana then tap

    Also thank you
  • @DoctorFro thx for the feedback, will change cards when I get time.
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    Another Innovate card with more combo potential. I hope the mana cost balances the potential of casting cards like Overwhelming Insight for a small price!

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  • @Gelectrode,
    Commented on Conflagrator.
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    I took the test and I got House Dimir. Dimir Pride! I will post cards here asap, I've got to represent House Dimir!
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    This is my 1st entry:
    House Dimir Pride
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    My second entry: (Improved text courtesy of @Skinz.)

    I realize that this can empower the opponent a lot, but I couldn't stop once I had the idea...
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  • @DoctorFro updated my cards!
  • Simic. Pretty much expected that, I've taken these tests before
  • @Gelectrode
    What did you think of the Wrencher?
  • I was Simic Combine... ew. Not awful, but I played Selesnya almost exclusively. Oh well. I'll try to make some simic cards soon.
  • @Faiths_Guide, I think the idea of losing innovate is too complex for a common.
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