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  • @Ranshi922 Maybe you should change one of the abilities on Bolodotha so that she is not a clone.
  • Nah. I am working on a thing.
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    What do y'all think of this?

    Triplet (You can have three commanders if they have triplet.)

    (I am a triplet so this is meaningful to me!)
  • @Ranshi922 Commander 2019 effect confirmed.
    (Yeah, sounds cool)
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    @Ranshi922 I like the idea, but at the same time I feel as though commanders are going to have to be notably less powerful than partner commanders to compensate.

    Maybe that's obvious though.
  • @Ranshi922 You really want to play Fungus tribal, don’t you?
  • I already have a lot of cards put together for it... there’s no turning back now. T-T
  • Not on CS.
  • I have a thing on design in part because I can have proxies without having to make them and in part because of complexity of some of the cards.
  • So what are the power level of these decks supposed to be? Can they be super expensive in paper with original duals and mana crypt and that or are they restricted?
  • They can be powerful, but lets not make them high budget should they be in paper.

    So at most 1 original dual. This is true for 3+ color decks too.
    No expeditions lands
    No Moxes, etc.
  • The Moxen (most of them, the op ones) have been banned anyway.
  • Are you including Mana Vault?
  • @Ranshi922 Noooooo, mine made Goose.

  • Guys, anything that would be really expensive is banned. This mainly is in matter of lands. But it also goes for artifacts. These will be judgement calls. If you have any questions, ask.

    Mana Vault is on the ban list.
  • What if the deck synergizes really well like Jace, Top, and Force
  • Jace the Mind Sculptor, Sensei's Top, and Force of Will: the expensive commander cards
  • @AxNoodle
    I think less than 4 (in 100-card "singleton") will do nothing but slow the game down most of the time. Maybe I could make it 3?

    Why does Eron exile from the grave? If you want to leave it, I think it could cost a little less. Maybe {2}{r}{g}?

    Agree on everything except for the forcing of the activated ability? I originally had a more-or-less "'forced" ability, but I removed it and went for more typical style affects in Grixis colors. Discard then draw is blue & red (black also likes discard), life loss is black. I dunno, but I thought it was very reasonable Grixis stuff.

    You're more-or-less indifferent to Marr (and yes, at 6 CMC this guy is far from crazy).

    Like I said before, if you really wanted something that similar to Slimefoot, I'd say to just use Slimefoot. If you were to make Bolodtha more unique, I'd probably be totally fine with it.

  • Triplet seems pretty ridiculous. I'd suggest just changing it to partner.

    I mean the interactions between partners and how to build your deck ect. is confusing enough, and Misudri already has a fairly niche set of abilities. It will get really confusing and difficult not only creating three commanders to interact with each other, but also a deck around them.
  • "Triplet" was created by @fullmetalryuzaki quite a while ago:

    And yes, it is kind of silly.
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    So wait, there are land cost ($) restrictions now? Personally I don't understand why we would make this distinction since it is very one-sided in its benefit, helping decks with fewer colors and hurting those with more.

    We are playing virtually. Decks shouldn't be absurd in terms of power, they should follow EDH rules (and ban lists), but hey shouldn't have additional restrictions IMO.

    However, if you don't mind spoilers, I'm not opposed to sharing my current decklist--that doesn't have any custom cards yet--for everyone's inspection.

    Currently such a "rule" would only negatively effect @pjbear2005, @KJMartin, @ArinSka, and myself. To compensate, the four of us would probably end up stacking the rest of our decks with more powerful cards, and that won't help anything. I contend that all non-banned lands should be allowed as they will cause the least change in power.
  • Also, might I just add, that I'm really disappointed that @Beeswax didn't get involved here?
  • Screw it. Just don’t do anything too crazy.
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    If I'm coming across as a pest, please let me know.

    I'm really only trying to help, but, if you'd prefer, I can step down from the contest and just help with custom card evaluation. Whatever you think is most helpful, that's what I want to do!
  • Yay! No infinite combos would be my only suggestions
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