Multicolor Transformations **Circuit Challenge**



  • Alright guys, that is it, judging will now commence so any submissions after 12:00 will not be counted
  • ALRIGHT let's see how this goes :D
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    @bnew07 Hey there buddy ol' pal, didn't you notice when I put that you were only able to put down 3 submissions? You put down 5, I need your choice of 3 out of the 5 before the end of the day or else I will have to disqualify you.

    lol jk just kidding you are in no trouble
  • Ok so guys when we were going through this we noticed a lot of cards that either didn't have artist credit or weren't multi-color transformations, so we must disqualify them, here is a list for all people whos' cards were disqualified

    Skuar, Khan of the Dunelands - Dunelands, Battle Plains
    - Not a multicolor transformation (transforming to colorless doesn't count, and even then the flip-side was still {G}{W}
    - No artist credit

    Kayellee, the Gift Giver - Kayellee, Dust Bringer
    - No artist credit

    Dawnclad Chaplain - Gravespawn Demon
    - No artist credit

    Carth, Empire's Acolyte - Carth, Enlightened Ascendent
    - No artist credit

    Quest for the Wolfheart - Kerg and Uli, the Wolfheart
    - No artist credit

    Lost Kings of Dol Anor - Kings of Dread
    - No artist credit

    So out of 6 submissions, none of them made it out, next time be better.
    Pandea, Angel of Dreams - Achlea, Muse of Nightmares
    - No artist credit

    So your only submission was disqualified, next time credit the art, bucko
    Shimmering Safety - Looming Ruin
    - No artist credit on flipside

    Come on dude! You are better than this, including the fact that you are now out of the competition!
    Jaren, Failed Collioniser - General Jaren
    - No artist credit

    Besides the fact that you have a major spelling mistake in the name (Collioniser should be Colonizer), you also have lost your only bid in this competition, be better
    Burning Core - Core Cannon
    - No artist credit

    You came here acting like you were going to win this from the start saying "Good luck to you all. (But I really want those circuit points. :P)" but then your judgment got clouded resulting in your only submission getting disqualified, learn from this.
    Keith, Bringer of Destruction - Keith, the Martyr
    - No artist credit

    Your only submission got knocked out, learn from this
    Traveling Nomads - Temporary Settlement
    - Not a multicolor transformation

    Argh, it has a really nice and elegant mechanic that really fits the theme of the card, but sadly you forgot that if it is colorless it can't be multicolored, you're out
    Forest Falls - Flooded Forest
    - Not a multicolor transformation

    Dang, your mechanics are really nice but you forgot that both cards are the same color, so you are out, they really have potential for a cycle though
  • I had totally forgotten about this and yeah, I deserve that criticism.
  • @EnvyReaper

    The challlenge posting says that you may submit any number of entries if they are new (which all 5 of mine are) this not the case?
  • @bnew07 if you look at the bottom of my comment it says "lol jk just kidding you are in no trouble"
  • @EnvyReaper
    Ah I hadn’t seen that my bad
  • Not DQ'd!!!

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    @EnvyReaper I wasn't exactly expecting to win (though I did actually want the circuit points lol), and I was not trying to come off as cocky. I forgot to add the artists, but ya know, it happens. Anyways, sorry, cya around,
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    An stays in! Yay!
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    Sorry about that, I am not used to crediting the artist, and it completely slipped my mind. Though I do wish you'd included that you wanted us in particular to credit the artist. Or at least that it was grounds for DQ! Also, sorry about that first one. I completely forgot it had to change colors LOL.
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    @EnvyReaper - If that's how it is, then that's how it is. I state in my listing that I have no idea who the artist is, and I frankly have no idea how to find that out since most of my images come from wallpaper websites with no sources, or google searches that link those websites. If someone knew the artist, I'd be happy to add it. I will also point out that no where in the listing does it say artist is required for consideration. But... it is what it is. Can't deny my disappoint that my card won't even be considered.
  • @RayearthIX
    Actually crediting the artwork is listed as cardsmith etiquette, incase you didn't notice you could have put the name of the site in the credit
  • @EnvyReaper
    Okay, so crediting the artist is a normal part of these contests. Sorry, this is one of my first and I'm not super familar with the normal procedure.
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    @envyreaper - I'd rather leave it blank than put "", "", "", or "pintrest" on the card as the artist, personally. I've never been DQ'd over this before, but, as stated, it's your contest, and if you want to assign it your own view of etiquette, that is your choice. I would encourage you to put that in the contest rules in the future however, so people participating know that will be a requirement.
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    I would second what's been said above about being clearer around the requirements. For example, I took the challenge to mean that each side had to be a different colour and so I figured colourless would be okay since each side would be a different colour.

    In fact, @bnew07 specifically asked you whether colourless cards would be allowed and you never responded. I figured if there would have been a problem, you would have said so. I noticed other people submitting colourless entries and you never posted anything saying that they didn't fit this challenge so, again, I assumed it would be okay. So it's a bit disappointing to see my entry (and others with colourless entries) disqualified when a simple response could have helped clarify everything.

    In future, please respond to requests for clarification instead of just DQ'ing people. That way, everyone's clear on what the requirements are.
  • Ok @everyone, while I am still picking the HM, here is the people who won the challenges

    1st Place - @bnew07
    Congratulations! Due to you making many solid entries, you secured your spot in 1st Place!

    You win the 5 faves of your choice, 1 Circuit Point, and the TROPHY FAVORITE, please pm me the cards you want me to favorite.

    2nd Place - @Tomigon
    Although I really liked your cards, bnew simply beat you out by putting more entries in, regardless you won 2nd Place!

    You win the 4 faves of your choice, and the 3/4 Circuit Point, pm me what cards you want me to favorite.

    3rd Place - @TenebrisNemo
    While you got beat out by the top two, your entries were still strong enough to net you 3rd Place!

    You win the 3 faves of your choice, and the 1/2 Circuit Point, pm me what cards you want me to favorite.

    HMs: There are 3!

    While you guys didn't get in the top 3, you all still get the 1/4 Circuit Point
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    @envyreaper @Animist
    I wasn't very active on the site during this contest, but I assumed from the original contest outline that different colored sides had to contain at least one color (not be merely colorless) and I thought that transforming to colorless wouldn't be allowed. In other words, I didn't feel the need for clarification personally, but I second the other smiths suggestions that you should attempt to be overly clear and always respond to contest rule questions.
  • @Animist
    Although I may have messed up on my part with the whole not a multicolor transformation thing, I honestly thought you guys would catch on that it was supposed to be multicolor, sorry in advance
  • The reason why someone like @sanjaya666's entry wasn't D'Qed was because it was a {u/r} artifact
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    Thanks for the contest!
    One more advice for your future contest: If you are going to judge a contest by each participant's overall works and not by single card, you should let us know in the beginning.
  • Hey, it's a first
  • I second Tomigon's statement. Most contests are about top card, not most entries. I likely would have been disqualified anyway, but I would have made more cards if I knew that quantity was going to be considered as part of this.
  • @EnvyReaper
    1) In your list of DQ'ed cards, why isn't bnew07's Wayward Geist/Bottled Essence or DragonsApprentice's Titanic Remains/Adranak the Persistant on the list of cards? (@bnew07 @DragonsApprentice this is not meant to be a rip at your card designs; I love the flavor behind both of those cards, as well as their functionality)

    2) I also understood "Multicolored Transformations" to not include colorless, but I will point out that counting color identity but not color is a bit confusing, because artifacts with colored abilities are still colorless, and that is a clarification that would have been good to know.

    Congrats to the @Winners and @Mentionables!
  • Congrats to all Winners and HM's
    Circuit Points have been updated.
    Thanks to @EnvyReaper for hosting this fun contest. Next time we'll be sure to have a more "Rules nailed down" contest as a Circuit Challenge.
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    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse actually that is not true, when you count color identity it would be identified as a {u/r} artifact because that counts as it being colored

    Also oops, didn't realize I still left in Adranak

    @Tomigon @RayearthIX actually I didn't judge by number of entries, instead I took the pros and cons and put them as a score, you got beat out by bnew because they simply had more entries thus more score
  • @everyone

    sorry about the debacle about the whole colorless thing, though I still stand by disqualifying people who didn't go and credit the artwork, come on people this is basic etiquette
  • @EnvyReaper I know, that was my point - you don't talk about color identity anywhere in the rules, which is what confused me about counting color identity in the transformations, instead of just color. I know @sanjaya666's card has a {u/r} color identity (which, by the way, @sanjaya666, I do love the concept of), but the color (not color identity) is still colorless. I don't think it's a problem, and I'm happy with the results, but it is another thing that would have been good to know in advance (I specifically avoided colorless cards because I suspected they wouldn't count, but I might have made one if I knew I could if it had a colored ability).

    Also, that was @Tomigon and @RayearthIX's point: that if they had put in more entries they might have done better, which is judging by number of entries (it's not only by entries, but the number of entries still matters).

    I'm sorry if I came off unfriendly in this; I'm really just seconding thoughts on making sure the rules are clear in advance.
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