Make a Commander for your Favorite Unsupported Archetype (Judging Phase)

Commander is far my favorite way to play Magic: The Gathering. It's one of the few popular formats in MTG that (generally speaking) cares about making big plays, doing wacky things that couldn't be done in most constructed formats, and having fun. There are so many fun, unique commanders out there, yet there are still many mechanics, archetypes,tribes, etc. That could make up a fun, interesting, supported commander deck if they had a fitting legendary creature to spearhead the deck. That is your job today. Choose an archetype that does not have a fitting commander to spearhead its deck and create a commander for it.

1. Up to four entries per cardsmith.
2. Entries must be either a legendary creature or a card with the "...can be your commander" line on it.
3. Partner commanders count a single entry, not two.
4. If you coin a new keyword or mechanic and don't define it within one of your cards, you must explain the keyword somewhere within your entry.
5. Please, try to make your entries as close to correctly worded and formatted as possible (although minor wording errors won't count against you if I can clearly tell the intent of the card).
6. While not required, it would be convenient if you put all of the cards you wish to enter in one post.
7. Cards made before this contest was posted that fulfill the criteria are allowed to be entered!

35pt: How well the commander boosts the chosen archetype.
30pt: Creativity and originality of the card(s).
10pt: How appealing your card(s) are. (If I were to see this in a booster pack, or as the face of its own commander deck, how likely am I to say "oh, cool" and not have the urge to give it away or trash it?)
10pt: Accuracy of the wording of the card(s). (I'm not expecting perfection, but try your best to make the wording realistic, smooth, grammatical, and seamless.)
10pt: Balance of the card(s) in terms of the commander format. (The ideal range is playable, not uber-powerful.)
5pt: The obscurity of the archetype and/or how much the archetype needs a fitting commander to make it viable.
Bonus Points:
5pt: Flavor of the card(s) and any story you wish to provide along with them (Which doesn't necessarily have to include flavor text).
3pt: Artwork of the card(s). (1pt for having it on all cards, 1pt for quality of the art [in terms of it actually being art I'd expect to find on an MTG card, and 1pt for how good each piece looks and relates to the card it was put on. I'm hoping this should be fairly easy points for just about everyone.)
2pt: The card features an MTG character that has never seen a printed card before. (If you use a character that has never seen a card printed for it, it would be a huge help if you indicated that!)

Score a B- (80/100) or higher: A fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS). If the card isn't made through MTCS, I'll look through your cards and fave at least 1 I like
3rd: A fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS) and I'll look through your cards and fave 2 cards I like.
2nd: A follow, a fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS) and I'll look through your cards and fave 4 cards I like.
1st: A follow, a fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS), and I'll look through your cards and fave every card I like. I will fav at least 6 cards when doing this.

The tentative deadline for this contest is 9/1/19, but that could lengthen if enough people request it. Enough entries can also justify me upping prize stakes and adding more winning placements.

Feel free to send me any other questions, comments, and/or concerns and I'll try to get back to you. Happy smithing!


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