The Return of the Return of the Return of the 404 Contest *Official Challenge*

At some point in your travels through the site, you may have come across one or more of our amazing 404 pages featuring cards made by Cardsmith members just like you, and thought to yourself... "How can I get one of MY cards up there?"

Your chance is here... NOW!

We're looking to pick the top 3-5 card designs, created with any one of our fantastic MTG Cardsmith frames. Make a custom card that helps let someone know the page/content they are looking for is missing. Be as funny & creative (or direct) as you want.

Prize: The top 3-5 winning cards in the challenge will be added as options to randomly display on our 404 page, along with a link to your username & profile. In addition to showing off your card, we're giving each winner one month of Premium Membership! Good Luck!

Challenge Ends December 1st.

(Standard card content rules apply, limit two entries per person.)


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