The Imerians EP#1: From the phyrexians {needs competition}



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    @KorandAngels - Doable, seeing the costs. Nice job...


    Imerians have located Alencia!
    0/5 towards 3 positions.
    Sauln has 10 quest counters.

    Finally, with the 5th and final druid present, they had finally located the Alencian Mainland. This triggered yet another event to emerge, and a new guild to arrive: Imerian Brigadiers.

    Ch#2-2: The Alamari War


    It was time for war now that the mainland was located. All they needed was quite a few battles, and they would be ready to properly develop Alencia.

    Alencian Special: For every 5 lands you control, your creatures gain +1/+1.

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    ANYBODY may send plants and creatures of any cost my way now...

    Enemy Colors: Forest, Mountain, Swamp
    Enemy Behaviors: Strictly Territorial based.
    Location: Alencia

    Imerian Goal: Clear out all the facilities. This triggers Chapter 3.
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    1/5 towards 3 positions.
    Sauln has 11 quest counters.

    Just some infrastructure... what will come of it?

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    With an airlock built, things were a whole lot better now. A choice of which enchantments had to be decided - internal or external. But it was clear which area would be cleaned - External. And thus, allies could easily develop safety facilities.

    Sauln swaps to internal

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    FINALLY the research area was developed, and with it, all they had to do was face the creatures found externally. By default, creatures had no mode, but they could easily swamp considering the situation. However, research had to be put on hold. For now, the harbor commanded priority until it three barges were present. It was all in the plan.

    2/5 towards 3 positions.
    Sauln has 12 quest counters.

    @KorandAngels for me to gain more land, you need to award points to me. Anyone can, but it must be fair and/or reasonable. THE manager gives to others, but others can decide when the manager gains land points.
  • 3/5 towards 3 positions.
    Sauln has 13 quest counters.

    All 5 druids have become internal.

    There... now the important forces are safe, so to say. Wonder what creatures will emerge in the external area of the place?
  • You get 3 points because you deserve it, and because something to do with the scholar gives it to you.
  • (I got another portal using my 1 free land that came with my Pillars)
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    @KorandAngels There's a bonus with the scientist -


    On creation of the ecco-ranger, you get a variant of this land. The three kinds of manna you will achieve are plains + swamp + forest, but you can choose the picture, flavor text, and name for your variant.

    My three land points:

    See the artifact land? Precisely. I'm also planning to gain a lone point for the first of the proper gate lands. Think 'mage rings' - for artifact developments.

    But now I must earn 35 pts for the first major development.
  • @KorandAngels
    Attentions and bump...
  • I don't know what to do again. It would be good if you listed what challenges are whenever a new one appears.
  • @KorandAngels

    1. Break your actual playing and send plants/creatures towards the imerians.
    2. Make an eco-ranger so you can design a land based on that imerian colony.
    3. Become a warmonger and try to win more land points for yourself.
    4. Try to discover then help the Talamari tribes.
    5. Do some scientific studies with the Druids.
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    Conditions Rehash:

    1. Creatures in Alencia begin with 16 oxygen counters
    2. If a creature runs out of oxygen, it dies.
    3. Creatures have respiration {tap, exhaust, restore oxygen counters}
    4. Attacking/Blocking takes 1 oxygen counter.
    5. An enchantment has 120 oxygen counters.
    > Respiration takes from those counters.
    6. Currently, 2 2/5 creatures can attack/block per player per turn.
    > pay a total of 15 in payments of 3 to boost.
    7. Sauln has 12 quest counters, gaining 1 each time counter(s) are gained.
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    Well, you asked for plants, and like real plants, it releases oxygen.
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    @KorandAngels Turning against me... but this will work. You see, we're trying to gain quest counters by defending against what's natural in an area. We need 35 battles to proceed.

    That is CREATURES to challenge the imerians.

    We need only DEFEND against the creatures, and that's all we can really do now. We don't need to WIN against them, just protect.
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    As the plants proliferated, the imerians were enthusiastic, but disgruntled. By the looks of the situation, things were getting illusive towards their ventures, and that would cost them as they were clearing the area out for their ventures.

    4/5 towards 3 positions.
    Sauln has 14 quest counters.


    This device would do the trick. While it wouldn't add to Sauln, it would keep the creatures steadily breathing without the need to rest, and thus, it was perfect.
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    0/5 towards 4 positions.
    Sauln has 15 quest counters.


    They could finally perform some research thanks to the developments, and live in style. With the making of the bedrooms, things were a whole lot better for every ally, and it would only be a matter of time before things would get even better.

    @KorandAngels - Would you award 1 point?
  • Yes. @Reizon gets 1 point.
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    This triggered the planes wars with the Imerians. Now they were beginning to expand to other planes, working on getting every society advanced at any cost. They didn't care about anything save merit and potential, regardless if it was good or evil, even to the unworthy forces.


    This was the catalyst, supporting the elven allies. It was the thing that would turn the situation from defensive to aggressive. But it also meant the imerians needed allies.

    Vale opens as a plane.

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    We're attacking Vale because we don't like it.
    (Warmongering challenge.)
    (Continuing the invasion)
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    Vale: It's land of MAGE RINGS. The problem with that situation is that you need the mages to create those artifacts in the first place.

    Artifacts could be VERY important with certain land variants, but in your case... your mana forms are Light + Dark + Forest... which isn't artifact heavy, so it could work.

    So, CERTAIN you want to clip the mages in VALE? This could be important...

    Light + Dark
    Eclipse + Astral
    Light + Forest
    Sanctuary + Humanics
    Dark + Forest
    Hazmat + Tox
    Light + Dark + Forest
    Elysium + Naturalism

    *point to humanics* - Requires the preservation of quite a few people. You see, the advanced forms of mana need certain requirements to achieve, and not just the points. The GOAL on humanics is "Convert 1500 people to your side" and the cost is 135 points.
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    We're just attacking the plane. the people who live there are safe with us. (The destroy all creatures effect is just for the sake of card effect, not what I actually do or what the invasion actually does.)
    (By the way, were do you get your art?)
  • @KorandAngels:
    (I just do...)
    3 points earned.
    Elysium Requirements Met.
    COST TO AWAKEN: 115 pts.

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    Edit: I did my maths wrong.
  • @KorandAngels Ruins costs 2. So, 1 ruins and portal then.
  • I know, I was changing that to one of these:
    and saving the third piece.
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    Anyway, my army built this fort on top of a mana-rich part of Vale, and then tweaked the Ley-Lines so that they pull white, black and purple mana into a mana containment loop and save it for later use.
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    Hate to say it, but I don't know the cards for that place very well.
    It's a very old plane.
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    1 research counter now
    Sauln has 16 quest counters.


    A lot of cards were sent, but at least it removed clutter.
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