The Imerians EP#1: From the phyrexians {needs competition}

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Everyone begins with 5 points and earn more. The ultimate goal is to win points based on designing from the Phyrexians, so as to make the mods/admins add new symbols, and possibly some sub-colors for the advanced mana.

Other players would award me points used to gain these kinds of lands, focusing on how well I roleplay the emergence of the Imerians. But for them to break the bind and be a proper empire, they must replace the present guilds with custom imerian guilds. Can they do it?:

1 point = basic land
2 points = normal land
3 points = artifact land
triple points = legendary land
10 points = old advanced land
??? = new advanced land {Imerians only}

Their ultimate goal is to create all the advanced land combos...

You also get 1 free Planeswalker as your main character.

My Initial 5 Points:


Buying this once.


Buying this 3 times.

How do Advanced lands work?

From what I heard, the Phyrexians were the ones to first do this feature, taking the basic lands and merging them to make advanced kinds of lands. This RPG deals with earning symbols for those kinds of lands, and helps to recognize SUB mana forms that would come from those new symbols. However, can the Phyrexian leaders beat insurmountable odds in order to help advance the people to these new symbols and sub-colors?



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    Myself am gonna say this respectfully, please close all except up to six of your contests/challenges/sagas/threads. As requested by our praised moderator, @Corwinnn.

    Please, do this before starting further threads!
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  • True... good point. But they are different systems, just not mechanics.
    This one is more battle oriented, and quite open, could work seeing the people.
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    I've decided on a pirate theme to begin my ventures. This facility should work nicely for the pirating theme with my allies, and support a lot of dark plus island ventures. Should work nicely, if the enemies don't uncover the new Phyrexians in the roleplay factor.
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    @KorandAngels thanks.


    Of course, what use is the facility if I don't send out a couple mercenaries like this one? Enjoy, due to the last card, your looking at a 4/3 with trample.
  • For the record, I just want one very popular game. But if I can combine the new symbols with oxygen counters, I'm good to go.
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    Default oxygen counter card... nothing too special, but it secures the area.
  • As the pirates ventured out of the harbors, supported by the imerians, some quarantine forces began patrolling the hazard zones of the lands they owned.


    The last one had the common symbol, this one has uncommon. Should cover costs.
  • I would like to do this, but I am unsure what cards to make.
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    @KorandAngels Just begin with 5 points and spend such on the lands. Any card is allowed, but limited to your lands each post when dealing with mana. I award points to everyone else, but they award points to me.


    A rare card. Third step of the hazmat situation, remember, these cards should affect yours.
  • 2 of these:
    And one of these:
    (Purple is a thing.)
  • Perfect. That just leaves making cards based on that budget then. Good luck with that.
  • image
    Here's a budgeted card.
  • image

    @KorandAngels {hint} - you can make a Planeswalker without cost. I'm going to as well.

    As the Rogue entered the ruins, he came to the portal and was impressed. "A special manna, it will definitely hold the clues we need to get those advanced forms of manna into existence." He thought.

    The first pirate began reading a book, and was impressed. "Hm... so these Rakdos forces are a potential threat... better take caution over the situation then" The pirate thought.

    5/4 + Trample now.
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    @KorrandAngels: Gain 1 point. {note: can always save}

    Action: 10 oxygen counters are added to Hazmat Situation 3. This nets Sauln a quest counter.
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    @KorrandAngels {personal event #1}

    Due to helping the pirates, you must either award me 1 point or make a scholar based creature that costs manna. If you pick the latter, you gain 3 points but I gain such as well. Further, a GOOD story with such awards another +2 to both of us on either version.
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    For access to the respirators, each player must give me a point. I cannot provide greater without certain advanced forms of mana.
  • image

    a simple anti-contaminator creature, but that means almost unlimited attacks/blocks... if it survives. Probably not an issue, however...
  • The so called Phyrexians began their walk into carnage. Preparing for war, they rallied the pirates to wear the new mask, then worked on preparing the ships to face many enemies. If they wouldn't come to us, we would come to them.


    Being on an isolated island, people had to rely on ships just to do battles with these forces. Due to that, things were considerably harder to defeat, and allowed for heavy creatures to dominate the battlefield. End result: the pirates were too well fortified.

    Discouraged, the enemy was already having problems with the society, but this sealed the fate between them.
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    CH#1 - The Hunt For Alencia

    New Law: Get permission to do legendary cards and guilds. It usually involves some kind of quest to earn such.


    This quest will cause the dark access card to be lost, opening up proper wars.

    Turn Action:

    Paying {3} to increase the enchantment to 120 counters.
    Now Sauln has 2 quest counters.
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    Conditions Rehash:

    1. Creatures begin with 16 oxygen counters
    2. If a creature runs out of oxygen, it dies.
    3. Creatures have respiration {tap, exhaust, restore oxygen counters}
    4. Attacking/Blocking takes 1 oxygen counter.
    5. An enchantment has 120 oxygen counters.
    > Respiration takes from those counters.
    6. Currently, 0 creatures can attack/block per player per turn.
    > pay a total of 15 in payments of 3 to boost.
    7. Sauln has 1 quest counter. Each time counters are gained, he gets 1 more.

    This is it for now, however, the quest for Alencia will trigger a special card once the imerians fulfill the conditions.

    Turn Action:

    Paying {3} to increase the enchantment to 130 oxygen counters.
    Now Sauln has 3 quest counters.
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    Plot Situation:

    To the person that represents the monsters in this land being affected by the hazmat conditions, that person will be awarded 15 land points.

    Turn Action:


    This links the Imerians to the Phyrexians, and their discoveries.
    8/100 towards finding Alencia.

    The plot revolves around the fact how hard it is to make MAIN forms of manna to emerge.
    The Imerians, doing it different, seek to make sub forms of manna that are more powerful than what the Phyrexians tried, including new sub-colors.

    But presently, they are struggling to even get GUILDS going...
    That's the main plot - revolving around forming such.
    Will they succeed?

    New Law + Ability:

    Since this RP deals with advanced manna, advanced abilities and specials have to be unlocked in order to be usable.

    Gatekeeper - To play and use this card, meet the requirements.
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    Dude, at this point you are playing a game meant to be played by multiple people by yourself, you might as well close this thread.

    And is that flavor text referring to when people you that advanced mana was a bad idea?
  • @EnvyReaper
    Cool down. The issue is more that they're going at too fast of a pace relative to the participation level.
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    The real problem is the lack of civics over this. Nobody wants a challenge on this caliber, it's a drudgery, pretty much. But we all should quit complaining and just fracking give this a try already.


    With this, it would turn into a heated battle between fliers and swimmers... what was next?
  • I am actually in this, just a bit stuck.
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    It revolves around guilds. Presently, the Imerians are studying the Phyrexians, learning from their mistakes, and thus, working on contracting scholars to study the ruins in Alencia. One guild is going to emerge soon: Hazmaticans, but that relies on quite a few battles with the monsters in the place.

    So, you could cause a few monsters to emerge in the lands leading to Alencia.
    Or you could send the scholars for some proper roleplaying.
    Or be one of the first societies to arrive bent on conquest of this new plane.

    Turn Actions:

    16/100 quest counters achieved.
    1/5 towards the first monster spot per player. {3} to increase the counters by 1.
    Sauln has 1 quest counter now.

    Sauln watched the ships get developed. The oceans were quite restrictive, but the plan was working nicely, so to say. The only problem was the fact that they didn't have any scholars devoted to studying the Phyrexian ruins found here - yet. But they had sent word of this demand.

    When would the scholars arrive?
    Could they protect the harbors from the creatures?
    Would rival guilds emerge?

    These were the three most pressing questions, and they were important.
    But the bigger issue was locating potential people for the guilds.
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