Oath of the Hornguard

Hello folks! I have a really special challange here. Let's read a short story first.

Nicol Bolas always came prepared. He of course prepared for the eventuality of his own victory, but he knew he needs to count on everything. Even the possibility defeat. That's why he, before going to Ravnica, put together the Hornguard, a team of planeswalkers to counter the growing Gatewatch. They don't really know each other yet, so they would not get exposed before it was time to execute the plan. And then, the Dragon-God was deafeated. In that moment a secret signal was sent throught the Multiverse and directly to the minds of the Hornguard. Now they are summoned to complete their quest - avenge Nicol Bolas and do everything in their powers to bring him back to life. Or to power, as they don't know what really happened.

And what is your task? Well, you become the Hornguard in this challange. Each one that wants to participate in this needs to do so by submiting two cards:
1) A planeswalker card showcasing their custom character, a member of the Hornguard
2) An Oath card of your character, similar to the Oath cards in Oath of the Gatewatch

After at least five people have entered, the challange will start and will last for four weeks. Each week you will be presented with a card-making challange that further explores your character.Each week I will award points to the participants and then after the fourth week, all the points will add up and I'll choose the winners. Thematically this is kind of a mix between the sets Origins and Oath of the Gatewatch.

Don't expect much in the terms of a story, I'm more interested in your characters themselves and the group as a whole than how they actually plan to bring Bolas back, but there will be some bits here and there.

With your entry submissions you are also required to write some info about your Hornguard member (who are they, what is their magic, where they come from, why did they join, something about their character...)

Expected questions:
  • Can we use non-cardsmith platforms to create our cards: Absolutely! I actually advise the use of mtg.design for your planeswalker card, but Cardsmith ones are fine
  • Can more than five people join? Of course, but five is the minimum to start the contest
  • Can I enter late? Yes! If you find this after it started, write in the thread and I'll tell you what to do, but you will probably be required to catch up with all previous weeks and then you will be able to go along as everyone else. You should then probably come up with a lore explanation as to why you have joined the group later.
  • What if I don't do a challange in time? It's okay, you can do every challange even after the end of the week, but you will be penalized a little bit.
  • Do we have to be human? No, there's too much human planeswalkers in Magic, but you should be antropomorphic at least
  • What do we get for our effort? Very good question! Let's look at the prizes:
1st place: 5 favorites of your choice, a follow if I don't already follow you, deep constructive feedback on up to two cards you created of your choice and a cute video of a cat
2nd place: 4 favorites of your choice, deep constructive feedback on up to one card you created and a cute video of a cat
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice and a cute video of a cat

I'm sure I forgot something so just ask me. And if there are no additional questions, let's craft some characters!



  • this looks really cool, I will probably enter soon
  • well i need cat.

    ill try to enter, but i might not.

    stupid school taking up all my time i mean i have to do online school and im not even learning anything and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its stupid.
  • Can't Wait!
  • This looks fun
  • I forgot to add one thing: Really think about the colors that you're going to use for your characters. One or two color are recommended and I know it will be very tempting to just go for black (or typical Bolas colors), but you don't have to. That's what I'm really looking forward to in this challange, the variety of "villains". I'm not saying your characters CAN'T be black (mana), but they don't have to be, bear that in mind.
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    Nystax is a deceitful illusionist that revels in using his magic to sow chaos. Infiltration is one of his specialties, weaving illusions to get past defenses and plant double agents.

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    quick question:
    for all of the original oath cards, the flavor text said "I will keep watch"
    what should the flavor text for the bolas oath cards say?

    also can my character be jund-colored?
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    @WarriorCatInAhat That's actually a great question. I think you can go with something like "I will avenge him" because your characters probably should have some motivation as why to work for Bolas and get him back to power. The original Oaths all say something like "for this reason, I will keep watch", that should work.

    Sure, you can be Jund.

    @pstmdrn Cool character! But could you maybe make the image a bit smaller? Click on the </> button at the top, find the code for the image and add width="300" somewhere to the front, that should work.

    Just a sidenote, all Oath cards are legendary enchantments.
  • Both easily fixed
  • Bet, give me about 20 mins
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    Nefti is a practitioner of dark magic an cleric to the dark forgotten gods of Ravnica. She was an adrent practioner who delited on torure and soul magic to please her patron. She made contracts with demon lords has a sub masters and duped them by trading other souls that weren't hers in exchange for power, that was until she tried and summoned Belzenlok. 

    Furious at this mortal trying to betray he began to syphon her life energy, all the power she had traded flowing to Belzenlok has a spark began to ignite and pulled her away into the distant plains of Amonkhet. There she met a powerfull planeswalker, and due to the lack of patrons in this plane she struck a contract with none-other than Nicobolas for a fraction of his power and in exchange she would supply him with souls and worship him.

    Ever since then she has followed Bolas with full intent, with Bolas only being second to her old gods and her demon patrons coming after.
  • It should be noted that the emblems are considered a draw phase of their own so they don't stack.
  • can my character be like some weird tar mutant thing
    Consumed by ThemeFinland on DeviantArt
    like this?

  • @WarriorCatInAhat Anything that can canonicaly be a planeswalker - I think any sapient and natural being qualifies, Karn being the only artifiacial exception. As long as your tar mutant thing has the mental qualities of a human and was created more or less by natural means, it should work. I'm actually quite interested.
  • Kogi Dog of Darkness
    Oath of Kogi
    so ive made a dog.
    as a planeswalker.
    lore time!
    "switching to proper grammer"
    So Kogi was a regular dog once, but then his sister, Kola, was killed by humans. This caused his spark to ignite, and it granted him special psionic powers, such as telepathy and understanding english and stuff. He accidently traveled to a different plane, Zendikar, and spyed on the other planeswalkers making their oath. He was mad that they were trying to protect people, so he went and joined the Bolas cult, rising through the ranks quickly do to his status as a planeswalker. He took an oath so that he could avenge his sister and destroy mankind. And womankind.

    also yes I know the oath doesnt have an artist my chromebook blocks a bunch of websites so i couldnt find it sorry.
  • HE is so cute! The Doom Bork to artifacts! I keep hearing the Led Zeppelin song Black Dog in my head.
  • oh why thank you
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    Oath of the Colossus
    Colossus Lightwielder
    I have no room for flavor text.

    The Colossus is a huge lightwielder capable of impressive feats, such as causing huge thunderstorms or summoning several suns into alignment upon a world. It enjoys blinding its enemies, torturing them as it slowly dissipates them. Long ago, Nicol Bolas contracted the Colossus into his service, so when he disappeared, the colossus was signaled into action.
  • @AboveAndAbout
    needs to be planeswalker
  • @AboveAndAbout I am impressed with your ability to find two pieces of art that looked similar enough!
  • I don't have time to make the cards now but I can make the character sheet/description thing so can I just post my character description and add the cards later?
  • I've actually decided to drop out.
  • did you even enter?
  • Lore-wise, a great character from Alara block who'd be loyal to Bolas and was obsessed with learning how to be a planeswalker: Malfegor, the dragon with soul of a demon. Malfegor would be a great discard or wheel planeswalker, imho... 
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  • hey @TerryTags you won my spy contest but you never told me which favorites you wanted
    I know this is off topic but I just wanted to say

  • Okay, so currently we have:
    @pstmdrn and Nystax
    @Tonysparks and Nefti
    @Yonkers11 with Kogi
    @AboveAndAbout with Colossus

    If we get one more member, I think the contect could start. I think we are still waiting for @WarriorCatInAhat? If you can post the first cards and the character description and then add the other cards later, that's fine.
  • okeydokey
    expect the cards sometime today
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