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  • Someone tell me your spirit animal, I'm making a animal pie.
    That came out weird.
  • Hi folks! Just joined in, 33-yo from Naples, Italy; been playing Magic just for fun since the 90s...
    If there are any other nostalgic vintage players, as well as italian players, put your hands up!
  • Wolf, obviously
  • That was REAL obvious.
  • Not quite sure how that is useful, but hey, go ham on it.
  • Wolf you say? How about a omnivorous slightly-psychopathic dragon-goat-man?
  • @Paki - Welcome! I'm also vintage!
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    Hello. Roll for a Wisdom (Insight) saving throw. If you beat the DC (DC 25), I will allow you to ask me one question about me and I will answer truthfully. Otherwise, I will laugh as you are trampled by 10,000 level 10 Orcs (<-- Munchkin Reference).

    (In other words, Bump.)
    (Because why not.)
  • I’m really just here because I’m bored. I play Magic super casually, got into it in 2017 but then never played until 2019. I’ve never been in a tournament, never played a game with prizes. My dad and uncle used to play a bunch when they were younger, so I have a bunch of old Alpha cards, but my uncle won’t let me sell them. That’s pretty much everything interesting about me.
  • Hey! Anyone know how to make a planeswalker on mobile? It says to drag your mouse across the screen to crop the image, but I don’t have a mouse! Can anyone help?
  • @LordTachanka123 my spirit animal is a ferret, though somehow my patronus is an arctic wolf?
  • @Red_Tower after reading a bit about you, I’m fairly certain you’re me in 10 or 15 years. I’m an aspiring writer, fairly new to Magic and though I’ve never played DnD, me and some friends (and my dad) are gearing up to play Mines of Phandelver soon. I like video games, love anime, and I have literally no money to my name. So yeah.
  • @RandomFandom I think you can’t make a planeswalker on mobile.
  • @shadow123 dang it! Is there some way to emulate a mouse on mobile?
  • I’m not sure, sorry...
  • This probably isn't open, but here we go:

    I live in central-england, Oxfordshire. My favourite  guild is Rakdos, my least favourite  guild is Azorious. I hate Anime, personally, I've gone past that phase. Although a few months ago I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender
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    I live in a place
    my favorite guild is either gruul, golgari, or izzet. maybe dimir
    favorite strixhaven college is le bloom of le wither
    I am probably at least 20% human
    been playing mtg for a few years
  • I am a Silverquill/Orzhov person
    I am a person
    I am probably human
    I exist in Seattle
    I have played mtg for three or so years
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    I am Rakdos (Which is ironic since I'm squeamish around blood)
    I am at least 50% person
    I exist on Earth
    I've been playing mtg infrequently for about 8ish years, and I still am bad at playing
  • I am Silverquill with a passion for grandstanding, oration, and some of the other more, slightly performance-based parts of the guild. 
    I live in Ten Seas
    I'm from The guilds of Ravenica era, and I mourn the dispersal of blocks as they seemed so beauteous to me.
    I am in college with a creative writing major.
    I'm not too broke to buy mtg stuff, but I'm not rich enough to afford it, so when I blow 300+ on a set I'm paying for it later.
  • Hola!

    I live on earth (I think)
    Started playing in Dominaria
    My favourite archetypes are Temur and Mono-Black (Horobi Black Control go BRRRRRRR)
    Joined this site late 2019 (September I think?), but only got onto the forums around about march of last year.
  • I play Azorius Control and Permission decks
  • I play stompy decks and that's it
  • *insert terra stomper*
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