Lets Get to Know People!

Hi, I like people (Kinda)

This is a place where you can talk about yourself, you lives, relations with other people and also just random/ funny stuff that happens in your life!


  • I have wierd dreams
  • Just finished a trip to West Edmonton mall and Calgary. It was fun! :)
  • I like comics, I like MTG, I like MTGCardsmith.com.

    I like the people who help and make this site better. I like the people who can stand up and help.

    I like... THIS
  • I wish to be unalive.
  • ヽ( •_)ᕗ
  • I dab on people
  • I just got a job, so it looks like things will turn up from here! :)
  • I am a nerd with more mental disorders than can be counted on someone's fingers. (Unless they have some sort of mutation.)

    I love to have fun and that gets me into some not great places, because I procrastinate, make decisions that are bad in the long run, and do things with little foresight. But hey, at least I am having a good time with it.
  • I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland....oh wait that's the intro of Highlander.
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    Jokes aside: Wish I could buy a dozens of pizza and buying Magic boxes (with cards inside) to share them and playing Magic with y'all guys (draft, commander, conspiracy, whatever it is.)

    Sadly I'm just a peasant in a third world country and not the Prince of Arabia so I don't have the money to buy all those things.

    So, good luck to y'all then instead.
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    @Lastjustice, I thought there can only be one...? Lol

    @Faiths_Guide thanks!

    @Ranshi922 sorry, I was busy today with the in work interview and aryanf got paid so Shay, jfoster90 and aryanf came up to meet up with me at what beacame my new job, it was great, and it even turns out a coworker her names Stephanie, she plays commander magic too! (I swear I didnt once bring it up. She saw what tyler bought, the battle for zendikar gift box that comes with 5 booster packs and you can keep your cards in the box) she says to tyler 'oh you guys play magic? I play too!' This is cool cuz shes a manager there too (but the top manager hired me) so yeah. We had to run around town take care of bills... I got to go feed Destiny's cat then if im lucky make a card or two then idk I may call it a night.
  • @sanjaya666, I think we can work to make that dream a reality. I would love it see it reach fruition as well! If against all odds we can get everyone in one place, I could do the pizza. My dad used to work at a restaurant and taught me how to make excellent nachos. (I'm just hyped that someone else shared the notion.)
  • I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I've ruled as Tamriel's Emperor. But for all these years I have never been the ruler of my own dreams. I have seen the Gates of Oblivion, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in Darkness a Doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of Last Seed; the Year of Akatosh 433. These are the closing days of the 3rd Era, and the final hours of my life.
    Oh sorry, that's the intro to Oblivion.
  • @sorinjace... wow... sounds hectic. I take it, you know what it means that you have a manager who places magic means? I want you to act as a go-between so I can play her.
  • @Ranshi922

    Heh, that sounds nice, boss.

    Maybe you can do that with your friends instead.
  • @Sorinjace If you play magic against her, it's a"Boss Fight"
  • I hate people.
  • @Lastjustice I'm hip to the Final Fantasy series, I just never got into rpg games all that much. I did listen to the entire track though, loved the cowbells! It made me thinkofthe ninja turtles games music from back on the nes and super nes, idk why.
  • @Ranshi922 you'd like her she's a pretty cool girl from what I can tell so far! Tyler wants me to try to get her playgroup to play with our playgroup he said.
  • @sanjaya666 and @Ranshi922 i'd so be down for pizza and magic. We can all beat up on @TemurGideon in archenemy. lmao (sorry Ron!) He likes archenemy.
  • Instead of memery I'll actually say a little about myself. I live in the southern US, am pretty dang out of money these days, have a few mental health issues kicking around that are just a pain (literally and figuratively), and don't really have an established playgroup right now despite living like 3 minutes from an LGS. I'm an (amatur) writer, on-again-off-again college student, and generally a mess of a human.
    Interests include anime, video games, creative stuff, literature, and tabletop games (including rpgs such as D&D and more).
  • I love reading and music.

    At the moment, my favourite book is "Steelheart" and my favourite song is "I don't like Mondays"
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    @Servillius Steelheart is on my top ten list of "Favorite books of all time" and a book I sincerely hope gets the movie treatment someday.

    Anywho, I'm Lujikul, been here a couple years now, and most of my cardsmithing comes along when I have bursts of inspiration but is otherwise nonexistent. I hail from the MST time zone of the United States, and I live weird hours. I'd like to think I'm at least somewhat well read, though I've been reading much less since graduating.
    Like some other people here I've got an interest in anime (mostly mainstream ones), and of course I've got an interest in MTG, along with certain video games and some role-playing games, most notably D&D, which I meet with my friends for every Thursday. We're actually working on one of our own right now that I'm calling Project: Galaxia (which isn't the actual name but I think it sounds cool.) In addition to MTG I also play yugioh, though I'm much less involved in it than I once was.
  • @Servilius @Lujikul, did you just say Steelheart? I LOVE THAT BOOK SERIES!!!
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    Originally a resend of it because of lag.
    For the book challenge way back when, I made a card of The Great Transfersion.
  • hellow im new and im looking for friends cuz i dont have that many in real life. i have an xbox and music is a big part of my life. Xbox games i play: Cuphead, Overwatch, Generation Zero, Little Nightmares, Halo Reach. i listen to a lot of music producers including: Nxsty, Evilwave, Caravan Palace. I also read alot. im 15, so if you have any book suggestions please give them to me.
  • @GrandRhino Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here! What do you like to read?
  • So what more do we want to put down here? Welcome btw @GrandRhino! I myself, am a metalhead. I hate it when someone calls me a hippie on the streets trying to be nice. I'm not a flippin' hippie just cuz I got long hair. (people are ignorant.)

    My favorite band? Insomnium. Got to meet them in Cleveland, Ohio in May last year. The show was great and the guys in the band are chill as hell. I had a great time!

    I have seen quite a bit of bands. It's what I did long before I got into Magic the Gathering. :) Guess I'll share what bands I can remember seeing off the top of my head (and this is in no exact order, nor is it close to every band I've seen), so here goes:

    Lollipop Lust Kill
    No Motiv
    22 Jacks
    Less Than Jake
    New Bomb Turks
    Norma Jean
    The Handshake Murders
    Evergreen Terrace
    Shadows Fall
    With Blood Comes Cleansing
    Coal Chamber
    Kids From Krypton
    The Hearsay Tao/We Are the Fury
    Echo of Silence/The Separation Tree
    All Shall Perish
    From a Second Story Window
    Nodes of Ranvier
    Inhale Exhale
    The Devil Wears Prada
    40 Below Summer
    Primer 55 (they was jerks and caused a riot to happen... It eventually led to the venue closing for legal reasons that came up in the aftermath.)
    Darwins Waiting Room
    Seether (acoustic set, I didn't see their show. They put on a acoustic freebie show at a local music store. I met their singer on accident looking for a friend of mine I asked their singer if he'd seen my friend not knowing who he was yet. This was sooo long ago. Good times, good times. lol.)
    Hopesfall (super nice guys)
    North (super nice guys as well!)
    The Destro
    American Head Charge
    Gwar (fun as hell live show! Their ex bassist is an acquaintance of mine, he lives in Toledo too. Cool as hell dude too. His other band is Mobile Deathcamp. Great speed metal!)
    Merciless Death
    Forever Lost/Hammer Horde
    Blood Coven
    Slaves on Dope
    The Ghost Inside
    Heaven Shall Burn
    OnceOver/ Star Sleeper
    Oh, Sleeper
    Point Blank Range
    30 Caliber Cure
    Girls Hate Mike
    Coheed and Cambria
    Oceans of Slumber
    Green Day
    Downtown Brown
    Tribal Traktion
    Premonitions of War
    Hells Kitchen
    Northern Shores
    Castle No Kings
    The Iron Maidens (cover band)

    There are still SEVERAL more bands/artists I could list, I just can't remember everyone off the top of my head. I started going to shows when I was 16, I'm 37 now lol.

    Anyways, look these artists up if your feeling explorative and you may not know a band or two. You might end up liking something or just blatently end up disliking it, idk lol :)
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