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So, everyone I know says my worst quality is my pickiness for music. I generally can only listen to EDM, (notably breakbeat and techno), and I quite like some roc, but I have this kind of distaste for pop. Which, of course, is unusual, pop being the big trend these days. Most bands I like are relatively unpopular.

Anyway, I like discussing music, their lyrics, maybe hidden meanings behind them? But this isn't about my tastes! In this contest you have two options.

  • You can create a song based on one of your favourite songs.
  • You can create a song for one of your favourite artists.
  • Optional Extra: Write a short description of what the song (or musician) is to you, why you like it, etc.

Here are two examples:
U2, Every Breaking Wave                     Röksopp, What Else is There
Every Breaking Wave                What Else is There

Deadline is July 15th, can be extended, so have fun!


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    Here's a fairly simple one.
    Veridis Quo by Daft Punk

    Veridis Quo

    I feel like Veridis Quo would play at the climax of a film, so I felt like a board wipe effect would suit it just fine. In regards to the flavor text, I think that Google's answer for Veridis Quo's meaning is a good explanation:

    "Veridis quo" is a wordplay on the Latin phrase "Quo vadis?", literally, "Whither goest thou?" or "Where are you going?".

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    Thanks for this! I  am a big music nerd.  I also hate pop, but love EDM/IDM, especially the subgenres Witch House, Drum and Bass and whatever Aphex Twin is! Have you heard the Breakbot Remix of Royksopp's "Happy Up here?" It's really good.

  • @pstmdrn Oh my goodness! I have heard the remix, it is awesome. There's some really good Royksopp tunes. 
  • Also, pstmdrm, have you heard of Moderat?
  • @TheDukeOfPork Yes, but by way of Modeselector. I love his jam The Black Block. 
  • Figure

    Of course I'll explain. Figure is in my top 5 artists all time. He mostly is a drumstep dj that themes his music around classic horror films, such as Creature from the Black Lagoon. He's one of the easier ones I can make a card around, so I thought I'd rep him with this one. Since he themes his stuff around pretty much everything that's a black creature in MTG, this card makes sense. Hope you like it!
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    @japastor I can't wait to check out figure. I am always looking for vintage horror themed electronic music for my Witch House set. The Occultist rapper Noah23 has an amazing album called Occult Trill: The Witch Tape where he has popular Witch House artists making the beats for his raps, like Salem, White Ring and Ritualz. They have a great retro horror feel, like 70's horror soundtracks put through syrupy filters and distorted effects.

  • Great concept! I did memories by maroon 5
  • @TheDukeOfPork By the way, are there any prizes or is this just for fun? 
  • For Beethoven and his impressive nine symphonies!

  • @pstmdrn
    to name a few figure songs that i like most:
    • Aliens - Original
    • Zombies - VIP Edit
    • Creature from the Black Lagoon
    • Werewolf - VIP Edit
    • Freddy Krueger - Downlink Remix
    • Chew You to Pieces - Original Mix
    • The Ritual
    • RedRum
    • Heartbeat of Hell
    • Dissociative Identity
    • The Devils Reaper
    • Cannibal Inferno
    • The Fog
    • The Mummy
    • The Spider
  • Also I have one more entry for this... Volbeat (prob my #2 favorite band after Muse)... and this being my favorite song by them of course... Leviathan
  • I don't think @TheDukeOfPork has been active for a few weeks.
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