Music in Magic

So, everyone I know says my worst quality is my pickiness for music. I generally can only listen to EDM, (notably breakbeat and techno), and I quite like some roc, but I have this kind of distaste for pop. Which, of course, is unusual, pop being the big trend these days. Most bands I like are relatively unpopular.

Anyway, I like discussing music, their lyrics, maybe hidden meanings behind them? But this isn't about my tastes! In this contest you have two options.

  • You can create a song based on one of your favourite songs.
  • You can create a song for one of your favourite artists.
  • Optional Extra: Write a short description of what the song (or musician) is to you, why you like it, etc.

Here are two examples:
U2, Every Breaking Wave                     Röksopp, What Else is There
Every Breaking Wave                What Else is There

Deadline is July 15th, can be extended, so have fun!


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