Create a Minotaur. Simple.
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  • Minotaurs are pretty violent. Always hitting something or chopping something. You never see a minotaur, for instance, playing the flute.
  • Yup. But they lack the cards to make a good tribal out of them. :/
  • There are enough yes, but there are not enough good ones.
  • Lets put it this way. There are two 1 drop minotaurs. And I am pretty sure one is Un-card! So the other 1 drop is a 1/1. Minotaurs are just in general disappointing. The Nehebs, Felhide Petrifier, and Rakdos Reckoner.
  • Digeridoo!

    So... one drop minotaurs
  • There’s a one drop 2/1 enchantment creature minotaur, actually. The tribe struggles due to a clunky curve and a lack of more than one play set of lords.
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    in my opinion, minotaurs should be thoughtful creatures. I think their natural home is in blue, with some red. Not Izzet -- but blue and red nonetheless. Maybe Grixis, but without the evil undertones. Not Izzet.

    Like, maybe they're Jeskai but there are not a lot of white minotaurs?
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    image image image image image image image
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    No tribe is complete with a Commander to lead them in glorious battle (or not so glorious depending on the tribe...Atogs) I present you with the Minotaur with the right stuff to unite them all!!! (Except for the like handful of blue ones, those are SOL heh.)


    The reminder text for both of these existing keywords.

    “Bloodthirst N” means “If an opponent was dealt damage this turn, this permanent enters the battlefield with N +1/+1 counters on it.”

    “Afflict N” means “Whenever this creature becomes blocked, defending player loses N life.”

    Oh yeah...We never see Minotaurs playing a flute... @Scott_Anderson heh

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    Here's an entry. The name's a reference to the original minotaur.


    Edit: I see @Faiths_Guide got there first. Ah well...
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    I like it! @Gelectrode
  • @Gelectrode @bnew07
    I like Anaba and Felhide you two!
  • Creative differences...
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  • @nicolbolasftw that is a great Minotaur. I like the flavor. You did good.
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    There is not enough room on these cards for decent flavor text.


  • Very nice! I prefer red black Minotaurs, but this one is good! (The only unreasonable color is blue. But oh well...)
  • I have a completely different take on minotaurs @tigerfang8 . I think they are Jeskai at heart. They're bull people - bovine - cows - contemplative - philosophical - passive resistors - fight when they have to, but prefer peace and quiet.

    That's not the Wizards take on them, but it is how I see them.

    I did blue and red ones upthread
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    @Scott_Anderson I saw your posts! They are good.
    I just do not see them as blue. In Greek mythology The Minotaur is a guardian of a maze, and is described as a powerful, fierce being. To me, this points to red. Not sure how I feel about white Minotaurs, and I am baised towards anything red/black. Why do you see them as blue?
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  • They are cows and bulls. Herd animals; prey animals. Herbivores. They spend most of their lives awake, on hoof, grazing; chewing over terrain and observing closely the world, lest they be taken by a predator.

    The bull is passion, youth, confusion. He is in good health, strong of spirit, and his thoughts are clouded by hot emotions. The Greek Minotaur in its maze is a metaphor for heady youth: full of power, but confused about how to apply it. This Minotaur is a red creature.

    That bull Minotaur tempered by experience and having acquired taste and a head for culture, is white. He uses his strengths to build community within the herd; to check the red youth. Some are warriors and some are thinkers but each commits to the rule of law and the building of community.

    The wether (or in terms of cows, the steer) and the females, are contemplative, mercurial, imaginative, creatures of the mind and language and and resource gathering. They are blue. Civilized, and responsible for transmitting the wisdom of the herd and watching the tone and tenor of the herd. They are weaker of body than the red and whites, yet are the master of both, for they are the subtle creatures of the mind.

    That’s my take on what the Minotaur tribe ought to be. That’s not what what WOTC has decided for them. It’s not a common view.
  • Incidentally, there’s only on green Minotaur and no colorless ones. Four blue, six white, and the remainder black and red.
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