• Ok, Quick mini story time, So i created a "cousin" species to the Eldrazi, i call them the Zentalli (Zen- tal- e), there a small species of god like powers, mostly because they are gods


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    My fourth god. This competition is pretty awesome. Amonkhet gods don't have creature types other than god, which is a real shame in my opinion. Camazotz here has three creature types! image
  • image

    This is for a new creature type I created, called Scurriers. They are other types of creatures that have been transformed into evolving machinations, part living, and part machine. They have a long list of deities, mostly much older Scurriers transformed from ancient civilizations.
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    Agni, God of Fire
    Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees
  • @WickedShadow196 What did you use to make that card? It looks really cool.
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    @ChaosStar search up "mtg design" or click on Agni and it gives you the link. You just have to delete everything after the / after design.
  • @WickedShadow196 Thanks a lot! The website looks great, and I made a couple cards, but I couldn't find any way to edit pictures and a few had parts out of frame. How do I fix that?
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    @ChaosStar If the picture is out of place from the border I save the picture then edit it with paint to take a screen shot with a little space below the picture. Then I used Pinterest to pin the screenshot and using the pins url to use for the artwork until it is fixed. Also sometimes might need to crop the sides. Warning I do not think the cards save though so you might want to download them.
  • The limit for entries right now is five, and I will have prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. I might do some runner-up prizes to. Great entries so far, keep up the good work. Also, go check out my Rise of the Gods set on MTG Card Smith.
  • Rise of the Gods is not fully furnished yet. I am trying to make the gods as accurate as possible so there might be some revisions.
  • I'll have to go check that out sounds pretty sweet a rise of the gods set? Yes please.
  • Question. I'm wondering whether my next bunch of gods should be Babylonian or Norse. I all ready have three Norse gods but am not sure which group to do next.
  • Hmm... How about your own made up God's?
  • That's a good idea. Maybe i'll work on both.
  • Yeah, you could have your own made up gods, then guest appearances by actual already created gods to add to the story.
  • Now "that" is a good idea. Thank-you
  • Very interesting. I like it.
  • I wonder. Did you mean to put Sacrifice in there or did you forget that he has Indestructible.
  • Here's another set of gods I'm working on.
  • @Revan
    You can sacrifice or exile indestructible stuff.
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    For those who don't know, he was a god. Kind of.
  • Ok, some feedback please. I'm thinking about judging sometime in September. Is this good for you guys or is it to early.
  • Also, I'm thinking of another idea for a contest. Its Spells that have something to do with Embalm and Eternalize. Sound good?
  • Mummies and Eternals will also be accepted. If you can't tell, I love undead, especially Mummies and Eternals.
  • @Revan I agree with all three comments
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