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  • I made this card, and I was wandering, whenever Blue Stone would be on your opponent's side, if they control Blue Stone. Are they able to equip, draw a card, and attach it to a creature you control? My idea was to make this card able to go back and forth until a player doesn't want to draw anymore or for some other reason.
  • @Tevin_Vore you’re supposed to give feedback on the most recent card before requesting feedback yourself. (You’re encouraged to give feedback on more than just the most recent card, but you gotta do at least that one.)

    With regards to Blue Stone, it does not work as intended, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, attaching an aura/equipment to a permanent does not give control of it to the target permanent’s controller. Thus, in its current state, the second ability allows you to draw as many cards as you’d like as long as your opponents control at least two creatures. Additionally, given the wording of rule 508.1f, the third ability doesn’t prevent a creature from attacking, but instead provides pseudo-vigilance while turning off tapping it for costs. 

    Before I offer potential corrections, I’d like to mention that, while it looks fine on paper, your desired effect is broken in practice. Trade Secrets is banned in Commander because it does something similar. Effectively, if you can secure agreement from one other player (which could be established outside the game), the two of you can draw most or all of your libraries for minimal effort. (For example, if you had a Laboratory Maniac on the battlefield and cast Trade Secrets, you can ask your friend if you get to win the game.)

    To have Blue Some work as intended, you’d need wording along the lines of the following (modified the third ability because there’s no way a full correction would fit on the card; might not have enough space anyway though):

    When Blue Stone enters the battlefield, attach it to target creature you don’t control.

    Whenever Blue Stone becomes attached to a creature, that creature’s controller may draw a card, then attach Blue Stone to target creature of their choice they don’t control.

    Equipped creature can’t attack or be tapped.

    Equip {6}

  • Thanks! I will give feedback to a card, soon. I updated it, this looks much better, in my opinion. So they can't draw their whole deck (unless they have a LOT of creatures on the battlefield.) A creature gets phased out every time a player chooses to attach it to another creature. Any player may stop attaching at any time, to continue playing the game. So, no loops unless their is a combo of another card that makes a infinite loop happen with Blue Stone.
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    Thoughts on a few interesting cards, starting from page 129:

    Quick to the Draw: Too good. I'd value the effect at 4 mana due to how certain decks can run away with the game (U/R Tempo / Delver, anything with free counterspells or lots of cheap instants) by drawing a card for both their own and their opponent's turn. The 2 damage also feels too punishing - you want to be incentivized for interacting with your opponent's counterspell / instant-heavy deck, and taking 2 per turn naturally or 4 damage for interacting is bad gameplay. In Legacy it's particularly dangerous, where 0 mana counterspells are common place and a delver mirror match can be single handedly decided by who plays it first due to the sheer value.

    Love and Hope: Costing double-white looks weird ({1}{W} or even {W} could look and play better), but neat effect.

    Chilling Starlight: Feels like it exists solely for unfun stuff. Think playing this T3, then playing Noxious Field or Festering Evil. Not overpowered, just potentially unfun in casual formats due to how easily, and cheaply, the card type can deal damage to other creatures.
  • I'm not entirely sure Blue Stone works as intended even after the changes, but I'm the first to admit, I'm not entirely up to date on how the rules work for a card like this.

    Firstly, when Blue Stone enters the battlefield you can attach it to a creature for free and when it becomes attached that creature's controller may attach it to one of your creatures again for free. (If it was a paid ability, it would read equip instead of attach). So I don't see anything stopping people from exchanging this stone back and forth to draw a hand full of cards. 

    Unless of course that last ability "Equipped creatures becomes phased out.", which I think should read "Equipped creature phases out until end of turn.", activates immediately upon the first attachment, in which case I think it is basically a phasing ability passed around like a Wishclaw Talisman. 

    Maybe you should specify that the creature it is attached to phases out immediately and that the equip cost needs to be paid to re-equip?


    Here is my take on a new board wipe that is a mana accelerant at the same time. You have to choose when to use it and how much lands you are willing to give your opponent in the process...

    Anyone want to share their thoughts on this one? (I'm not too happy about the name. I wanted to call it "Turn to Dust" or "Return to the Earth", but all the fun names were already taken.)
  • I'm surprised to see that this has become my most-favorited creation so far, but I'm curious to hear why. Is anyone willing to get this thread moving again? I'm happy to review a card from whoever shares their feedback. :)
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    @stijnhommes Feed the Earth sure is an interesting wrath and can be pretty hard to judge.  It's an instant wrath, I don't think there are many of those if any and you can play it for 4 mana I think the mana should be adjusted a bit for that.
    Now, is it a "good" wrath, Wraths are supposed to even the playing field when you're behind however playing this while you're behind in creatures makes you behind in mana after.  It does become pretty good if you pay the extra mana and have tokens. I feel there are many ways to play it, use it as a way to ramp? But to ramp you'll be losing more creatures than your opponent.  As a wrath? Sometimes the opponents comes out ahead.  In a token deck? It needs setup. It's not bad but I think it's a situational card and one must do a little cost benefit analysis before casting. 
    I think it should be sorcery since most Wraths are sorcery, you can make it so the creatures return as lands after it resolve rather then end of turn so you get first crack at the new lands, could make for some interesting plays then.
    I did had fun analyzing it, made me think, a little too much in this case since there are lots to consider in terms of how to take advantage of it if you decide to cast it.
    Here is mine
    This might be terrible or in the right setup get some pretty great card selection.
  • @Sweda
    This was exactly what I was hoping for, offering ramp, but making the player think hard about when and how to trigger it. I made it an instant so it could be cast on your opponent's end step and give you first crack at using the new lands, but I should probably consider making it a sorcery.

    As for Mental Bookmark:
    I'm not entirely sure what sort of flavor it is trying to evoke, but the card offers both mill protection and situational scrying to get the right cards on top of your library. Frankly, I'm surprised this card hasn't been made by WoTC yet.
    If you put enough of these in your deck, a mill deck won't work against you, because you will always be able to put these cards back after they're milled if you pick the right cards for it to trigger on. Take that, Ruin Crab!

    What about this one?

  • @stijnhommes The mill player can just wait for you to draw all copies of the named card after milling everything else, which Mental Bookmark can't stop.  Perhaps the reason why such an effect doesn't currently exist is that its use case is so narrow.  A card that does nothing else besides that would need some big justification for being printed.  At least Gaea's Blessing is a cantrip, if nothing else.

    Necromancer's Guile sees reasonable in concept.  "Necromancer" is probably too specific a term to use if you want to allow the casting of instants, sorceries, artifacts, and planeswalkers as necromancy deals pretty exclusively with creatures.  Also, you may need a clause to exile any card cast with Necromancer's Guile that would be put into the graveyard that turn to prevent repeated casting of instants and sorceries (E.g., infinite mana with Dark Ritual, Rite of Flame, etc.).  You seem to lack the card space for that unless you forego the specific tomb counters and just go with Fading X, which simplifies the card greatly (you could use Vanishing but then you'd have to specify X can't be 0).
  • @stijnhommes I agree with Jadefire's analysis on most fronts, but as worded it would make more sense to give the card vanishing, rather than fading. 

    here's mine:
    Hariki Colossus of the Deep

    for reference: 
  • I love all the great references to old school Homarids and yet not feeling to old to have some fun with in the more modern world of MTG.  I especially like the addition of Ward, since this guy's going to have to sit around for a while before becoming an 8/8 unblockable beater for a turn.  Very cool design, hits all the nostalgia that I'm sure you're going for.  The one thing I'd really worry about is that a 6/6 for 5 is already an okay deal, and tacking on two forms of evasion and some protection, and it becomes hard to deny this may be a little under-costed.  Even with one turn out of every four making it a 4/4, that's offset by another turn out of four being an 8/8.  I'd probably make it cost a generic more, or drop the power and/or toughness a bit.  Still, I just loved seeing someone tackling a Legendary Homarid, and I would totally play this in some deck if I had it, probably one that likes to proliferate.

    Here's my first submission to the site, and one of my first card designs ever.  I didn't know how to solicit feedback at all then, so I thought I'd go for some now:

    Methros Life Drinker
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    I like the artwork and the creativity of Methros, Life Drinker, but I'm not sure I'd play it outside a dedicated shapeshifter deck unless there is some cheap way to give it the full changeling ability. instead of paying 5 mana to give it a tiny boost over multiple turns. Paying 5 mana of different colors to activate the ability on top of a mana value of 6 is just too steep for me. I think a creature with this kind of cost can be a little more powerful.

    What is everyone's opinion about Eiganjo Onsen? It's another card I wanted to give multiple layers. Do you play it on your own big creature, but deactivate it for a turn and let your opponent know what's coming? Or do you use it as temporary removal, but give the opponent's creature a boost when it untaps again? I think it would lead to some interesting plays. Do you agree or not?
  • AH why not. My computer is broken so they won't be presented as well for my computer folks but here we go. I made some dragon cards for my alt account and I just want some commentary on them.

    I will try to post a small number of cards on a weekly basis so we don't get a whole feed full of crappy dragon concepts 🤣

    1 - Izfil, Denier Of Thought
    (Azorius control)

    2 - Tridus IV, Legion Warboss
    (Boros aggro)

    3 - Mindshifter Dragon
    (Dimir control/mill)

    4 - Trodgar Swampfiend
    (Golgari life aggro)

    5 - Castiria, The Lich Starved
    (Orzhov board control)
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    @stijnhommes ;Eiganjo Onsen doesn't seem viable to me. This doesn't seem to be good staller, since it doesn't tap the creature upon entering the battlefield, so you would only use it after the creature's already been tapped. This severely limits how useful this effect can be. It doesn't seem too good as a delayed buff either since their are already cheaper cards that can grant double-strike at instant speed. Right now this card seems to be too complicated for an underwhelming payoff. I understand that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I hope that helps.

    for future reference, you are supposed to give feedback before submitting your own cards, and I believe there's a two card at a time limit (this may no longer be true).

    I like Izifil as a concept, but I'm concerned that it could allow some infuriating combos. The only one I can find would be it combined with Chains of Mephistopheles, But I'm sure others exist.

    I like Tridus IV, although I think he deserves a grander title than "legion Warboss." That's just my opinion though. And i love the combination of mentor and training.

    Mindshifter dragon's shuffle ability just seems annoying, but I like it's delirium effect.

    Trodgar is very creative! I love the Acidtouch mechanic. the discard ability combined with 6 power might be a bit much though. 

    Castiria is an odd one, but seems good for 5 mana.

    All in all, cool dragons!

    here's mine:
    Faithless Luting

  • @stijnhommes
    • While Eiganjo Spring is technically a flexible card, neither 'mode' is particularly useful. If you attach it to an opponent's creature, you're likely going to end up spending more removal on it later to avoid the double strike downside. If you attach it to your own creature, your opponent has a whole two turns to answer it.
    • Part of the issue with this card is that you almost certainly won't need both a minor delay and a slow buff in the same deck. White-blue decks in particular tend to prefer more long-term answers like Lawmage's Binding, and don't usually need buffs for their handful of finishers.
    • Consider cards like Aramament of Nyx which, at the cost of a small restriction, double as a buff for your side as well as an answer to most opposing threats.
    • Flavor notes – Eiganjo is on Kamigawa, which has no frost giants (those are mainly on Kaldheim).

    @Tonysparks please remember to give feedback on others' cards before posting your own. With regards to your dragons:

    • Both absurdly obnoxious and fairly easy to lock your opponents out of the game with (e.g. bounce it during your upkeep each turn with an effect like Trusted Advisor).
    • The second replacement ability doesn't work, since it doesn't specify the event it's replacing.
    • Why is there WW in its mana cost? Mill isn't in white, so it'd make more sense to have UU if you had to double something.
    Tridus IV
    • Seems okay (leaning towards win-more), but the lack of haste might make him too slow for 6 mana in Boros, especially since creatures with 3 power don't benefit from his effect.
    • Note that Tridus IV's anthem effect gives himself a second instance of Mentor (which does trigger separately); is this intentional?
    Mindshifter Dragon
    • Forces lots of shuffling every turn for no apparent reason.
    • The delirium effect seems to assume your opponent knows and/or announces what they intend to search their library for beforehand. However, what if your opponent changes their mind in the middle of milling? What if your opponent was instructed to seek a card? What if they're searching for more than one card? What if they decide to mill past the first copy of a card they're searching for to get more cards into their graveyard? Can they fail to find via milling out, intentionally or otherwise? If not, how are they supposed to rectify the massive amount of information provided to both players by revealing the exact order of their library?
    • The delirium effect also appears to mill the card your opponent intends to search for; is this intentional? If so, why would your opponent search their library at all, and why not just forbid your opponent from searching in the first place?
    • Similar to Izfill, this seems to fit more as UUB than UBB.
    Trodgar Swampfiend
    • The last ability is somewhat unclear as to its function. Is the life loss for discarding cards meant to be a stacking property of the acid counters? If not, the last part should be a separate ability.
    • Seems interesting, but very likely to get you killed before you stack a sufficient number of -1/-1 counters on her.
    • Very expensive to keep around, especially in games with more than two players.

    • Silver card flavor & shenanigans aside, why would you play this? Just to have another Faithless Looting / Burning Inquiry? It's also a bit strange to rename the flashback cost to Encore, since that's an existing keyword ability.

    I'd appreciate feedback on this card:
    Mindripper Adept
    Created for a Mystery Challenge (Create a Human that rolls a d6) & inspired by Talent of the Telepath.
  • @cadstar369

    Overall the card has a solid thief of sanity effect. A little wordy but too underpowered in the sense that afflict 2 is just not enough of a deterent from blocking as a pose to the later effect. It also lacks evasive abilities, problematic keywords and the power to atleast scare scrap blockers (tokens, walls, e.t.c).

    I think the card needs to be more evasive or have an additional supplementary keyword like menace. I understand that space might be a factor. Overall, solid concept, but low threat.
  • Thank you all for your feedback. I will keep in mind the aforementioned rules and adhere to them better. @Globert-the-Martian, I had a solid review written for you along side Cadstar's but it deleted since I'm on mobile. My computer recently broke and I am outstandingly lazy about writing it again so I apologize in advance. I will see if I can get back to writing it again.
  • @stijnhommes I like the flavour but I agree with what others have said about the low power of the card.  It did made me think about what it can be, I though up of this
    I - Tap target creature, put a rest counter on it.  Creatures with rest counters don't untap during it's controller's untap step as long as Eigano Onsen remains in play.
    II - You may remove a rest counter from target creature, if you do, untap it and it gains double strike until end of turn.
    III, IV, V.... Gain 2 life (you can extent the chapters longer to keep a creature tapped if they have rest counters.
    Saga would have been better flavour than aura since an onsen is a place and not like some magic invigorating a creature.
  • @Sweda. Well we do have the enchantment Invigorating Hot Spring... However, going the counter way will make it possible to tap it down for less time... The issue with Sagas is that I can't design one on MTGCardsmith. I'd have to go with another place to try it out.

    @cadstar369. I'm not too worried about the flavor per se. If I ever made the card for real, it would fit into a story where Kaldheim Giants somehow ended up on Kamigawa or where a tribe of Giants was suddenly discovered.

    Either way, you both gave me plenty to think about.

  • @cadstar369

    I'll address the few pink elephants in the room about my cards.

    - I agree with the points mentioned about Izfil most of your points about Izfil and I was looking for a way to run restrict without full on locking opponents out. The white mana instead of full blue is because white is the only color that runs restricts. Blue just prevents so I stand by the azorius theme.

    - As for Tridus's ability, in general it doesn't need to affect creatures with 3 power because mentor can always target them making them four power. So in a sense after training for a while, their mentor promotes them into a teacher or something like that.

    - Mindshifter forces reshuffle to prevent scry and other similar deck arranging effects. As for searching, whenever an opponent casts a search spell, the idea is that they declare the card they are searching for before they begin the search to prevent the aforementioned issues. As for costing, I do agree with you, but UBB looked better than UUB.

    - Trodgars discard punish doesn't stack, but it didn't make sense to distance it from the acid counter function because the idea is that the acid is melting your inventory while hurting you. Think of touching something and dropping it because it's hot.

    Thank you for your in depth analysis of my cards. Most of the time I make them, I just do so to get some commentary running on how I can make better future cards. Much appreciated.

  • @Tonysparks

    With regards to Mindripper Adept:

    • There seems to be a misunderstanding as to the point of Afflict. Afflict is meant to provide value when your opponent inevitably blocks, not act as a deterrent from blocking. It can also function as a separate strategy to build around.
    • If I were to make it evasive, the card would both need to have a significant mana cost increase (which really hurts its usefulness), and also become significantly less interesting. The card would turn from ‘pick your poison’ to ‘answer this right now or else.’ (Wizards has been making lots of cards that fit the latter, and they are generally neither fun to play against nor provoke thought in players.)
    • The above is part of why it only has Afflict 2. Your opponent has no idea what you’ll roll, so is it worth blocking with (and potentially losing) a creature & losing the life, or do they gamble that you’ll roll low and/or whiff? That said, do you think Afflict 2 is too low for that decision to have sufficient weight?

    With regards to your dragons:

    • What on earth do you mean by ‘restricts’? I’m certain this statement is incorrect, just unsure which batch of counterexamples to provide.
    • The UU comment on Izfil was a suggestion that it be WUU, not mono-blue (hence why I called the UUB comment on Mindshifter Dragon similar).
    • Flavor is all well and good for Tridus IV, so long as you understand that having a hole in the anthem just makes what’s already a very hard sell that much harder.
    • The reason I asked so many questions about Mindshifter Dragon is specifically because your opponent doesn’t have to declare their search target; that’s just not how Magic works, and the card itself doesn’t impose that upon your opponent.
  • Okay, well, there have been some side conversations, but I believe the last card was Mindripper Adept, and I don't really have much to add to the feedback already given, but I think it's a cool card, though I'd imagine it would whiff as often as not, and may not be worth playing if that happens too often.  But I'll hop over and give it a like.

    I wanted to make a card that captured the brutality of war by having an alternate wincon that felt almost like a loss.  This is what I came up with.  My only concern is, is this too easy or too hard to pull off.  I know how I'd build around this, but I would love some feedback about how the card would work for others out there.

    Battles End
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    @StuffnSuch oof I think that's a very hard win condition, even if you cheat with proliferate you still need 10 other permanents in play to win the game and if you don't, well you just wiped yourself. The opponent can also actively screw you by sacing their own creatures or chump blocking knowing you'll be sacrificing stuff next turn, this card works against you a lot more than one can handle. Imagine one turn when this has like 3 or more counters, you're opponent can just wait until you can't handle it forcing you to sac the Enchantment along with other stuff.
    Maybe it should be
    "If a creature dealt combat damage is put into the graveyard from the battlefield this turn, put a corpse counter on Battle's End.  At the end of each turn remove all corpse counters from Battle's End, if ten or more corpse counters were removed this way, you win the game."
    It might even work at five counters, ten creatures dying from combat damage is extremely rare, even rarer when the opponent knows not to do it.
    Here is my attempt at a Lotus card
    I know it's broken since I didn't restrict how early you can cast it making it basically a Black Lotus. What's your take on how the draw back is executed/designed, initially it transformed into a curse with indestructible, shroud, if you loose control of it you lose, phasing and the Win/Lose ability, it was just ugly.
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    Oh, I 100% know that it's going to destroy you as often as not, and that honestly was the point.  That's the game: does your opponent let you stack up counters on it, knowing you might instant speed kill a creature and win on your upkeep, but also knowing if you can't you'll have to take a huge blow.  In an actual war, that's usually what the war is really about, if I sacrifice my guys to take down their guys, will it win me a victory, or cost me everything.  It may not be competitive, but it certainly gives the feelings I want.  I think I want to add something to it, though, to make sure that the sacrifice isn't so brutal if you're losing creatures the normal way as well.  Maybe give permanents you control indestructible, or at least create treasure tokens for each permanent sacrificed, or something.  It breaks the flavor a little for me, but I do think there needs to be a little more upside somewhere to make this worth playing for anyone that's not a strict Johnny.  Thanks for the feedback.

    Oh, and your lotus is pretty cool, but if the drawback is phasing in and out, that's really just a 50% chance at one more turn, against a guy that dropped a lotus to get ahead at least a turn in the first place.  If you have zero life, an empty library, 10 poison counters, etc. you probably still will next turn, and half the time, they kill you while your emblem's phased out anyways, so it's no drawback at all.  Maybe, instead something like:

    Each opponent gets an emblem that says, "The next time you would lose the game, your life total becomes 5 instead." 

    That would gain them an extra turn far more than 50% of the time, at least in my experience.
  • @Sweda, as a player, I don't really understand the underlying logistics of your lotus so I can not make a good judgment of it. It does fall in line with It's name, I am just trying to understand why someone would use it in a match as a pose to other mana rocks.

    The dragon cards I will be posting this week are straight from the chaosvoid, my Glint themed dragons.

    1 - Spartial Invader
    (Glint finisher)

    2 - Chaosvoid Angels
    (Glint Aggro)
  • @Sweda
    • While I like the simplicity of the design, I think the drawback won't do much. The only thing Cursed Lotus really prevents is combo wins during the same turn, and while that's certainly a strong drawback for higher-power games, you can still mill your opponent(s) out, put them at a negative life total, etc. There's also the potential player issue of making sure to track the phasing emblem when Cursed Lotus gets cracked early on.

    Saprtial Invader
    • This card is crazy broken. It's virtually impossible to answer unless you're in white or black, and even then it's practically guaranteed to land a hit and wreck your opponent's hand before they can attempt to remove it. It also doesn't have any of its abilities locked behind a cast clause, so it's perfect for reanimator decks, where your opponent really won't be able to do much of anything about it. With even a smattering of counterspell backup, this card is unstoppable while your opponent struggles with a new hand every turn.
    Chaosvoid Angels
    • Since the ability deals damage regardless of whether or not it gets exiled, this is just asking to be cheated via non-targeted bounce effects like Quickling and Temur Sabertooth.
    • It's kinda nuts that it has flying, since it's not particularly likely your opponent will have a blocker for it, which makes this way better than most Lightning Ball style creatures.
    • The triple hybrid mana is very strange, since a majority of the 8 mana costs you can choose from don't make sense for the body and effects you're getting out of it.
    • There may be a flavor reason for this, but it bothers me that your 'angels' are Dragon Weirds instead of Angels.
    I'd appreciate feedback on these cards:
    Eldritch IncantationBanishing DistortionCelestial Cartography
  • @cadstar369 as always your in depth reviews are always appreciated. By far, glint is my favorite color combo to mess with because it is the embodiment of chaos and distortion. In regards to Chaosvoid Angels, the reason I called them Angels is just a twist to what they actually are, they are more of devils if you think about it. I did that intentionally to create a disconnect as seen with my other card Chaosvoid Innocent which is far from Innocent.

    Since I'm here I will review Eldrich Incantation, overall the card is good value for card advantage. A couple copies will be useful if you need to perform mulligans. The only way to go with this card is by using the madness cost early on after a mulligan as some kind of tutor essentially fixing your hand early on. Regardless a 0 for one is always broken. I would bump this card up to an uncommon instead of common.
  • @StuffnSuch @Tonysparks @cadstar369 Thanks for commenting, while I knew after running through my head that the win/lose effect didn't effect at all your play style making it a pretty weak draw back I thought giving phasing to an emblem was a pretty neat design so I wanted to show it.  Perhaps building on that untouchable oscillating effect it can be changed to so other simple effect that can act as the curse or timer.  Maybe when it phases in you lose 5 life, or exile the top seven cards of your library or you get a poison counter, those might be better.  Perhaps it can be roll a dice for more interesting options too.
  • @Tonysparks I really like the flavor of the glint cards you posted. I like that Chaosvoid Angels is called that despite being clearly very demonic, and I have a soft spot for powerful creatures with random powerful text like Spartial Invader. 

    Flavor: Four color design is really odd and I'm not super knowledgeable on it, but I think it is largely based on the color that is missing. This makes glint non-white, or opposing law and order. I think you nailed this flavorfully. I personally like what you did with Chaosvoid Angel's mana cost. It tells you that the flavor is Glint, but most of the mechanics are red, which I think works. However, I think Spartial Invader is a little confusing color-wise. I feel it doesn't feel mostly blue, so I would have just used one of each mana symbol instead of the combination of symbols you used. It's pretty complex to get creative with four color mana costs because it is just really hard to understand and doesn't come across flavorfully as anything but as jumble of symbols. If you want it to cost 7, I think it should just be 3UBRG.

    Power: I think both cards are too strong. Like cadstar said , Spartial Invader requires very particular pieces to interact with it that are hard to find outside of board wipes are very speicific white and black cards. I think shroud/hexproof is always problematic, especially on an evasive creature. I think my favorite part of this is the third ability, which is flavorful and interesting. I would keep that and change the other abilities to make this creature easier to block, kill, or interact with. Maybe lean into the chaos more, and change the last ability to where all damage dealt to it is instead dealt to you (Just an idea). I also don't think Chaosvoid needs flying, because it's too efficent if this gets to do more than 6 damage. Even if this just attacks the turn it comes into play and gets killed when your opponent untaps, it deals 12 damage. I think haste works just fine.

    Would like feedback on this card. I was trying to make an aura commander that encourages going wide instead of tall. Thoughts?
    Adries Mistress of Masks

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    I'm sure someone has attempted it before, but I'm trying to make a tree card that would "fall" on a creature when it is dealt damage. This is what came to mind first, but I'm sure there's a more practical way to execute it or at least a better way word it. Open to any suggestions/criticism.

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