Mystery Box Challenges

What this is
- These are endless and always ongoing, so feel free to ask for a box at any time, especially if you've never tried.
- Post that you want to open a mystery box, and I will open your mystery box. Each mystery box contains a mystery challenge and possibly a goody. These are both randomly selected.
- You must submit your card before opening another mystery box.
- You can open as many mystery boxes as you want.
- New cards only unless I specify otherwise.
- You can always edit.
- The deadline is also a mystery, no one knows when I will select a winner.
- Multiple winners per deadline. . . usually.
- Spotlight friendly.

Rewards, Prizes, and Other Goodies
- Each mystery box has a 50/50 chance of containing a prize or other fun goody.
- Favorites: Whether you win or just open lots of boxes, I award favorites, lots of favorites. If you play the Mystery Box Challenge, you will get plenty of favorites on your cards.


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