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  • @fire12
    Versatile Champion is a cool design! However, vigilance on a red card’s a little odd. If you made it white though, it’d be just about perfect. Overall, an excellent design!

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    @jpastor mabye it should be an enchantment but that is an awesome idea...I really like and would run it in a control deck

  • @DoctorFro. I actually really like the idea of breaking the symmetry with timing. Some things are kinda clunky about this card. It doesn't have a "mana of any color" clause, and I think it does a weird thing where you draw the card and then the trigger goes on the stack, so you can respond to it while the card is still in your hand. I would just have it so at the beginning of their upkeep they reveal the top card of their library and may exile it.

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    I really like the combination of evolve and burn! :) also there cant be too many green red cards :D

    Also really good channel idea!
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  • I've commented on your card @Battlesocke. For those wondering, I said this:
    "It's probably too strong, you've used the wrong symbol for apostrophe, and it wouldn't get a question mark in the name. However, I really like this 'flavorfully' and mechanically. It's taking a risk, but it is so cool to just go 'tap a swamp, kill that big dude.'"

    Here's mine:
  • @faiths_guide it’s a good card! Somehow it doesn’t feel red to me. Red doesn’t do things in such measured and thought out ways. But I don’t know what other color it would be.

    Maybe green. I don’t know. Maybe it is red.
  • @Scott_Anderson
    Make sure to duplicate the comment on the card page.

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  • @faiths_guide I haven't created anything that thrills me in the last couple of days.
  • @NextUp May enter anything they like without liking/commenting!
  • @pjbear he’s a marvelous commander! The CMC replacement ability is something I have not seen before.

    I would remove hexproof (on general principle - too many permanent cards we make get it) and increase the life gain and card draw to three.
  • @pjbear2005 I posted edits in card comments
  • @DoctorFro
    Any card you'd like comments on?

    Only to keep this discussion more streamlined, if you don't have a card would you mind commenting only in card comment sections? Also, you don't need to submit designs you think are good, getting comments on sub-par designs (like most of mine) is where we learn most!
  • Umm nothing in particular just any that you think deserve comments or fav?
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  • image

    Another from me
  • @pjbear2005 It seems odd to have an angel in green, and why the black creature clause? Other than that it's a pretty good card.
    (My Disqus account isn't working.)

    Any critiques on this flip pair? I can give background on the character if you request.
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    @TezzeretofCarmot21 - I believe the front side's 1st ability should be written like this:

    +1: Create an 0/1 green Plant creature token.

    It's a shame that the planeswalker editor does not support mana symbols, so the 3rd ability doesn't look very nice. The transformation and the other side are cool, but the flavor seems a little bit off. There is a bear in the flip side's artwork, for example. Why?

    Thoughts on this?

  • @TezzeretofCarmot21Its a cycle of angels that have their color and then black
  • @shadow123 - There are no other quibbles except it's too good for its low CMC at the moment.

    I would like to see your opinions on this:

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    My two most recent cards (as of this posting), created for a flavor text challenge. I'm not sure of wording/etc., and I'm concerned as to the issue of balance.
    image image
  • @FireWolf767 favorite or comment TenebrisNemo's card and shadow123's card then you are not breaking this thread's rule!
    P.S. I commented on your cards' pages.
  • Oh. Right. Sorry, @Tomigon . @TenebrisNemo , the card is good, but seems limited in scope. I can't see myself playing this in a format where the common play is 1v1. Seems limited to Commander/EDH/similar formats. However, if I were playing a mono-black deck in one of these formats, I'd love this card! Balance-wise, the cost may be a little low--after all, this is basically a "take control of another player for the rest of the game" type of thing.
    Overall, I admire it! Keep up the good work you do here!
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  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

    Very cool card concept. My suggestion would be to increase the mana cost to at least 3. Because this card has the potential to draw each player a ton of cards and deal a lot of damage to them, having it at 1 mana is risky, particularly because players will not have a lot of time to empty their hand. Another concern I have is the play pattern that arises with this card. Because the second ability will deal 5+ damage and only increase as the game progresses, this can easily lead to board states where no one will attack because gaining control of the scepter is such a liability.

    Here is my card, with a custom mechanic I designed, Stockpile. It is a way to use leftover mana. Please let me know what you think of this mechanic and any suggestions you have on its rules text would be great as it is really wordy but I can't think of a shorter way to write out the same functionality.

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    @bnew07 Rider of Devil Gorge is a very simple and complex card at the same time, it almost feels like time suspended and dash got melded together a little to me. I agree it's wordy but I can't think of a way to shorten the wording without changing the mechanics. If I do I'll come back or pm you to let you know. I like the card though, it's got the right art for the haste feel and a good name too and right colors. At 1st I felt it could be 1colorless red red instead for its CMc but after rereading the card over a couple times I agree it should be at 2colorless red red. Nice card!


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